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Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1997.

First Thing We Do Is

by Ted Mooney

If you took a poll, I'll bet that 73% of the people would say there are too many lawyers & lobbyists (the other 27% are lawyers and lobbyists). Well, if you're part of the 73 percent, put your money where your mouth is ... or, to phrase it more more accurately, stop putting your money where your mouth isn't.

I believe in the free enterprise system and in letting us entrepreneurs make a living with as little interference as practical -- but I don't want to live in a cesspool either.

So, I belong to AESF and CCAI, and try to support my industry. And I belong to Nature Conservancy and Audubon, and share an awe of nature. And I am tired of retrieving my mail, and finding among it piles of magazines--

Not just tired of it, goddamned tired of it. Not another penny for more lobbyists on either side.

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