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The Sierra Club is full of shit

by Ted Mooney

Excuse the bathroom language. But considering connotations, there is no synonym :-)

In New Jersey, fines imposed by the DEP provide more than half of their own budget. A gubernatorial candidate, Chris Christie, a former "corruption buster" federal prosecutor, is trying to reduce the corruption by having the DEP funded like the other departments, with fines going into the general fund -- in lieu of this corrupt scheme whereby bureaucrats build a free-standing empire by tripping up New Jersey businesses, extracting large fines for "gotcha!" trivialities, and keeping the money for themselves.

So a spokesperson for the NJ Sierra Club goes on the radio today to defend this corruption, and says that reports that claim that this is harming New Jersey business are wrong, and quote, "Nothing could be further from the truth."

I'm a longtime member of the Sierra Club and in favor of strong environmental protection. But dislike of a candidate doesn't give the Sierra Club license to lie or make stuff up! The fact is that many metal finishing facilities decided to close in NJ precisely because these swarms of officers continuously disrupted their attempts to run a business, harassing them with countless spot inspections designed to collect large fines for an uncrossed "T" or undotted "i", and eventually ate out their spirit. I know the owners of several of these now closed-down facilities -- at least one is now surviving by installing plating lines in China and Mexico, passing on his lifetime of precious knowledge to America's off-shore competitors.

So let me lay it out very clearly in case you missed it: The Sierra Club is full of shit.

David Wichern
Dedalus Environmental - The Bronx, NY. USA

Ted, you are entirely right. They are full of shit.

I am an environmentalist from a long way back. But some of these people know exactly d**k about science...I've tried to talk to them, to no avail.

What they are is leisure class Luddites who threaten our jobs and livelihood. All they accomplish is exporting our jobs to some Third World craphole where there are no effective environmental regs at all. And, where, if people complain about their kids getting poisoned, they wind up being beaten up, jailed, or murdered by some "peoples army" or some such.

Some folks might do better putting down "Das Kapital" and picking up a chemistry book.

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