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Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (US) required registration

Ken Vlach
- Goleta, California

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is requiring anyone possessing threshold quantities of certain chemicals to apply for registration by August 8, 2007. Site security programs may be required upon application review by DHS. See
Greater detail is given in the Federal Register for April 9, 2007, Pages 17687-17745:

The listed chemicals & threshold quantities are at

Smaller jobshops may be able to limit quantities on hand to below the thresholds. E.g., 3x55-gallon drums of nitric acid is below the 2000 pounds threshold. There are 4 risk-based tiers of regulations, so reducing chemical quantities may benefit larger users as well. An obvious issue is how chemical solutions will be considered. One industry association asked that DHS provide guidance on handling mixtures and blends. Response: DHS will use its CSAT vulnerability assessment tool to determine risk (Federal Register, ibid., p. 17700).

Steve Bizub
- St Louis, MO

Good afternoon:

The prepublication copy of Appendix A: DHS Chemicals of Interest is available at the Homeland Security website for information purposes only. If you're interested, here's the links from DHS:

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