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Try a "VIDEO CLUB" AESF meeting

We all understand the concept of 'book clubs'. But today's video podcast technology has suddenly made it easy to enjoy the shared experience of truly engrossing short films related to the issues of the day for metal finishers.

Do yourself the favor of reviewing Ed Burtynsky's presentation to the TED Conference as an example.

Yes, there are moments where you may not immediately appreciate its relevance, but watch it through and I promise: you will understand "the China problem" in a whole new way . . . you will understand how metal finishing can be part of the answer to "the sustainability problem" . . . and you will say "I can't wait to show this at a branch meeting and talk with my fellow metal finishers about it!"

And if you have a small branch with a limited ability to attract top speakers, I believe you will see your situation in an optimistic new light. Please watch it!

--Ted Mooney

Tom Pullizzi
- Levittown, PA USA

I viewed the TED video, it was well worth watching, I got lots of ideas from it (I think). It seems incredible that we can dream of sustainability and see people burning circuit boards in their backyard at the same time.

My Emma will be 7 next year, so I will try to imbue her mind with saving something for the next generation. As you know I teach high school, and it may be true about puberty; by that age, one out of a hundred (myself included in the clueless) would leave a blade of grass if it got me one millimeter closer to a Rolex.

Great website Ted, but you could have named it TOM;-)

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