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Galvanizing Industry in Denial?
by Ted Mooney,

With the July 1 RoHS deadline a week away, is an entire industry in denial?

While the European General Galvanizers Association, EGGA, issued an information sheet of 20 January 2006 which notes:

What does the American Galvanizers Association, AGA, say 1,2 ?

The AGA uses this to explain that this means that galvanized coatings with 1 percent lead and 0.2 percent cadmium are not a problem, despite the 0.1 percent MCV for lead and 0.01 percent MCV for cadmium. And as we get into chromate quenches, things get wilder with the assertion that "even if the galvanized steel was chromate quenched, the hexavalent chromate would naturally dissipate after six weeks". The plating industry -- spending fortunes worldwide on RoHS-compatible trivalent formulations and disruptive new process sequences -- has clearly not heard that.

If someone can tell me these statements are outdated, or otherwise clarify what I'm missing here, I'd appreciate it! -- TM

1. "Understanding RoHS . . . Are you RoHS Compliant?", ©2006, AGA
2. "Ask Dr. Galv, Volume 6, Issue 1", ©2006, AGA.

Todd Osmolski
Charlotte Plating, Inc. - Charlotte, NC USA

That is likely no accident or misprint, Europeans understand the value of galvanized steel. Imagine if the US plating industry had a strong organization that would promote plating to the public, lobby regulators and build relations with other industries and lawmakers? --TO

Ted Mooney,, Brick, NJ

I am saying that electroplaters around the world, plus the galvanizers of Europe, have apparently accepted that we can't exceed 0.1 percent lead and 0.01 percent cadmium in zinc coatings. But America's galvanizers seem to believe they can exceed that by a factor of ten and still be RoHS-compliant. I think they'll learn otherwise at an inconvenient point. Time will tell. -- TM

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