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February 11, 2003

"Ask not what your Country can do for you,
Ask what you can do for your Country."

Who hasn't been moved by these words? Who isn't inspired by their depth? Who wouldn't immediately perform their duty when asked?

But, who do we ask? And, why isn't anyone in Government asking us?

Our entire industry stands ready at a moment's notice to focus all of our talent and resources towards propelling the United States once again into world leadership in all fields of manufacturing and commerce. Armed with our facilities and expertise we are all confident we can overcome any and all adversaries and challenges.

But, our marching orders are not coming.

Instead, we are consuming our resources by straining out parts per million of nature's metals from our already world quality effluent; and expending precious brainpower combing over endless forms and data to fulfill yet another mind-numbing regulation.

And, all this time the enemy is at our gates.

- - -

I ask that we be given the order to come out of our foxholes and take the fight to our competition overseas.

I ask that the rules of engagement be suspended and that American businesses be given a free hand to defeat our foes on level ground of our own choosing.

I ask that a real partnership be formed between our government and industry for this brief but critical time while there is still a fighting force left.

I offer the entire facility of my company, its equipment and personnel towards a common goal: economic victory.

And, which is more, I ask:

What can I do for my country?


Frank R. Zemo <>

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