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October 13, 2002

May we Supersize that Salad, Sir?

by Ted Mooney

Printed on a bubblepack of screws: "This package contains articles from one or more countries including the following: Taiwan, China, Korea, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Japan, U.S."

My main objection to this is the perverting of the laws requiring listing country of manufacture, denying the consumer the option to buy American or to boycott goods from a country which, for whatever reason, he might choose to. As a member of the U.S.A. metal finishing community, which is burdened with arduous reporting requirements, I also resent being denied Right-to-Know information so basic as which continent they may have polluted in the manufacture of these screws. Is that asking for too much detail--which continent?

And amazingly, at this time of quality consciousness when we're all learning the unacceptability of "making salad" by mixing parts together ---- this supplier has decided they'll Supersize it for us. --TM

Shark infested waters
Frank Zemo <>
Polaris Plating Inc., Paterson, NJ

Electroplaters, like farmers, are never happy and are never making any money. But maybe this time the two groups aren't fooling.There are a variety of challenges and issues facing our industry and industry in general .The global economy doesn't appear to have been friendly to our businesses. The Government purports to promote business but there are too many bureaucrats feeding at the trough and there are too many votes from concerned citizens wary of anything with a "Co." after the name that there is little a politician can or will do to facilitate businesses these days.

In short, the lamenting this time appears to be justified. This time it just "feels" different. We are swimming in shark infested waters. And I'm afraid that nobody really cares anymore where something is made,or if another country is being polluted or what the consequences of our manufacturing base being demolished will be. As long as their TVs work and the big sporting event hasn't been pre-empted by the President's speeches Americans will remain in a creature comfort stupor.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!The sky-

....ah, who cares...let it fall. --FZ

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