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March 17, 2000

To All Small Platers Out There . . .

Scott Fetter <>

You should be aware that on March 3 EPA presented their updated plans for the Metal Products industry wastewater guidelines. EPA now plans to exempt from this new rule facilities that discharge less than 1 million gallons per year to a sewer system. This gets at least 91% of potential affected facilities out of the rule, and may exempt almost all of the small job shops. Plus, they are eliminating aluminum and iron from any limitations.

EPA will present the exact same material at another Public Meeting scheduled for
April 10, 2000 in Chicago, IL.

The MP&M meeting in Chicago will be held at the EPA Region 5 building, 77 West Jackson Blvd., Lake Michigan Room, 12th Floor.

See 65 FR 11755 for more details.

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