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Robert H. Probert Technical Service

409 Brims Way
Garner, NC 27529-4772

Contact: Mr. Robert H. Probert
Phone: 919-773-0491
Fax: 919-773-6109

Products & Services: No job is too large or small be it a Fortune 500 or a local jobshop. If you want to start a new plant or have a finishing problem in an existing plant, call us. We're here to help you with experienced consulting in the following areas:

Whatever your finishing need, we can help you at very competitive rates. Call us so we can discuss how to solve your problem. References are available.

The Chromating-Anodizing-Hardcoating handbook, "Aluminum How-To", is a must reference for the functional aluminum finisher. Instead of theoretical research data, you will find 140 pages of ready reference that is simple, practical and usable. Featuring over 35 charts, tables and diagrams, "Aluminum How-To" addresses alloys, effect of mechanical treatment, surface prep, chromate, all three types of anodizing including chromic acid anodizing, dyeing, sealing, chalking, white spots, hard coat and even plating on aluminum. The book is full of tricks of the trade learned over 56 years of industry exposure to the real world. $89.00 plus shipping and handling. Available in English or Spanish! Click here for table of contents and to order.

Also available "The Sulfamate Nickel How-To Guide" by Robert Probert and David Crotty. 107 pages, dozens of charts, tables, illustrations, references, trouble-shooting tips, and analytical procedures. $89.00 plus shipping and handling. Click here for table of contents and to order.

Custom Modular Lab Systems available for aluminum anodizing, titanium anodizing, and electroplating.

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