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Low coefficient of friction paint for pinewood derby car


I am working on a pinewood derby car and am interested in locating a consumer available paint with the lowest possible coefficient of friction. Are Teflon paints available to the consumer? Any particular brand recommended? The low coefficient of friction is needed to reduce friction between the wheels and the car body. An added benefit will be reduction in friction of air flying over the car body.

Tyler Brickey
hobbyist - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

March 23, 2008

Add graphite and Teflon powders to 60 minute/slow set epoxy resin (where all components have been mixed, thoroughly).
--Epoxy resin A & B mixture= 79%
--Graphite powder 13%
--Teflon 8%

Paint Pinewood car. Once paint dries, sand painted wheel hub contact surfaces down to pine wood. Paint black paste on potential hub contact area and semi-circular area where wheel rim might contact car body. Once hard, carefully sand hub contact area flat and smooth with fine Sandpaper [linked by editor to product info at Rockler]. Blended coefficient of friction for epoxied hub contact area should be 0.1--or less. Addition of graphite powder would not hurt. Furthermore, coefficient of friction should drop very little later in race due to "embedded" nature of lubricants in epoxy hub contact treatment. Area is NOT a "washer" and is a "dry lubricant" thus rendering treated area in compliance with Pinewood Rules.

Forget about low coefficient of friction paint for rest of car. Do make sure that you wax and buff the car, thoroughly.

Joseph Rodriguez
- Plantation, Florida, USA

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