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Removing Green Tarnish on Brass


I have an antique Moroccan brass table which is heavily tarnished (green build-up). It does not have a finish on it. I have tried brass polishes, but obviously they don't get rid of the green tarnish/build-up. I greatly appreciate any suggestions on restoring the brass.

Carla Johnson
Student - Blacksburg, Virginia

October 20, 2009

Hi, Carla. Although easy on people, vinegar plus salt is very aggressive on brass. Some people add flour to give it a bit of grit for polishing. If there is fine detail on the table, be careful because the stuff is aggressive. It will leave the brass the brass raw and orange, but that can be mellowed out with the brass polishes you already have on hand.

Please see letters 9922 and 22177 for more detail.


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Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

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