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Painting Plastic Fender Flares


Can someone help me find out what I need to do to paint plastics, ex. the plastic fender flares on my 99 Jeep Wrangler? Do I have to apply some type of bonder?

Jorge Vega
- San Antonio , Texas



My first question is WHAT are your fenders made of? You didn't say.

Some motorbike fenders are made of, I was told, Polypropylene which is a b.....d to paint. But I'd guess that yours are made of ABS ... which would be easy to paint as many solvents will attack it.

So find out from the manufacturer which plastic they used and then maybe one can give you a quasi-intelligent reply. And if it's ABS, the local paint store will give you good advice and if PP or Pe (Polyethylene), they might well say a) clean b) abrade the surface, ie. scratch it c) use an acrylic primer d) then use a latex, perhaps.

Have a gander at the archives # 10814, 14173

freeman newton portrait Freeman Newton
- White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
freeman newton died


Most plastic OEM exterior parts are topcoated with 2K urethanes.

Ronald Zeeman
Continuous Colour Coat - Brampton, ON, Canada


I have a Kawasaki ATV and I just had the engine rebuilt, but I saw that after receiving it back from the mechanic the plastics were scratched badly. IS there a way to paint the red plastic to silver or black? By sanding it down?

Tony Rodriguez
Hobbyist - Huntington Beach

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