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Dear Sir,

I am very much surprised to notice that Iridium Copper Metals pulling rice. One of my known person is owning a copper plate which is pulling rice from a distance of 6". Few told him that it will fetch a good amount for him. He is therefore, in search of a genuine buyer. If any genuine buyer comes in contact with me for the purchase of Iridium Copper Metal, I will certainly arrange a good article. However, I am doubtful about the existence of such buyers. Kindly let me know as to who buys the Iridium Copper Metals and for what purpose.

Thanks and best regards,

Md. G Mdeleted
- Industrial Estate, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India


Please spend a few more words and explain this concept of "pulling rice". No one knows what you're talking about and, until we do, I for one believe you are being scammed in some fashion.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey



Even I am hearing these kind of tales in Andhra Pradesh . I really do not know this is true. But I heard some foreign companies are buying this metal for a huge sum.

P. B Ndeleted
- Hyderabad


These tall tales are a scam. A reader sent email to me informing me that this iridium copper draws grains of rice towards it. I can only imagine the sleight of hand tricks used to bilk investors of their cash, while demonstrating the 'rice pulling' attributes of their product. I guess the rice pulling is a way to identify iridium copper from just another lump of ore.

In the same email, the writer told me that this iridium-copper is also a cure for cancer. I really wouldn't be too interested unless this stuff did something really amazing, like cure dandruff or take coffee stains out of my carpet.

This is another scam. Personally, I like the black money from Uganda scam better.

tom portrait Tom Pullizzi
Falls Township, Pennsylvania


There are genuine buyers for this material. There is a research institute which buys these kind of material purely for research purpose. pl send more details and contact nos to contact you. I will be glad to help you.

ravichandar v
- sydney,nsw,australia


If not a scam, why make it look like one, Ravichandar? If true it would obviously make more sense for you to just tell us the name and location of the research institute rather than posting no info about it or yourself except a free disposable e-mail address you can dump and replace in 15 seconds; the same kind of untraceable free e-mail address used in virtually all similar postings.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

Fraud! How to Protect Yourself


Speaking as an Idahoan.. will it also pull taters out of the dirt? WOW.... I could make a million!

Marc Green
anodizer - Boise, Idaho


I am fully convinced that what Mr Md Ghouse saying is absolutely correct. I am also having a vessel which attracts raw rice from a distance of 4 inches without any external force and discolors and powders it within a few minutes. Some people are saying that there are genuine buyers for antique metal having properties like these. I don't know is it iridium or what is the purpose of it. What I personally feel is effect on rice is only a symptom of a phenomena which is yet to be explained. If there is any good buyers please contact or anybody arranging a buyer can do it on a commission basis.

- Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



Yes I also hear about this type of metal. My one friend is a commission agent of "rice pulling". He was purchase one glass from kerala which attracts a rice from 5 inches. He has a sound buyers in India and also in foreign. If you any body want to sell please let me know.

name withheld
- India


May I advertise a related product? My patent pending bullshit detector is available only to natural born suckers at a price of 10 million Nigerian dollars each, it's guaranteed to work and is in fact currently flashing and clanging loudly at these rice pulling threads.

George Ingram
- Swansea, Carms, Wales

Our site often receives e-mail that people want posted "offering to buy" rp coins for millions of dollars--but they include no contact info except for a free disposable e-mail address.

Shortly thereafter we will receive offers to sell rp coins at about a third that price but they are from the very same IP address. It is obvious that these "offers to buy" are fiction and they are posted solely to try to make potential buyers believe that there is a resale market for this garbage. Don't believe it, it's just made up to trick you. Everybody is selling; nobody is buying -- except you, the sucker who is being swindled.

pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

December 8, 2010

Hello Dear Readers...

Well I would like to say that so many people are suffering with this unknown business I almost heard that someone trying to sale his rp item but he lost everything which he had earned by hard work ...

In my opinion no one is true person in this field, well god bless every one ...

Hassan Quadri
- hyderabad , A P, India

January 17, 2011

RP business is totally fake. I lost 2 lacs for show. I personally advise to all friends related this field: don't believe rp especially for showcase amount.

anwar khan
- hyderabad, India

April 11, 2012

Hi all

Let me explain you about this so called RP or iridium business. There is no such business in existence. Any one who believe about this business is being conned by some group of artists. There is a big group in Tamilnadu who is expert in doing such things. First they will find a potential investor for the material. Then the agent who is aware of the scam will introduce the investor to the seller. He will screen the investor for further process. Once he is convinced that the seller can invest some money then he will somehow convince the investor to find out a company to take this. Now the investor will go for a search and the company of this same group will enter. The company guy will not ask for any deposits or so ... we will simply come to the place where the metal is located (the same place where these artists plan). The investor believes him as he is not asking any money to come and test the material. He will come and test it ok. Now the real game starts. He will say all bullshit story about 10000 cr Rupees, etc. He will promise to do the deal only in any metro cities as it is not possible to transfer funds to the rural areas. (Mind it that this type of material is always in rural towns). He will tell the investor to get the stuff to metro cities and he will pay a token once the material is reached there within 24 hours of the arrival of the material (Token will be some 50- 100 Crores). Now the investor is in greed to fetch that much money. This time the seller says I can't bring the stuff to any metro cities without any token advance in his place which company guy will deny. Then the investor give some money, maybe lacks or even crores depending on his capacity to the seller to bring the stuff to metro city. They will come to an agreement and the seller will take some bonds signed and blank check from the investor as a guarantee for the balance amount. They will take the stuff to the city and the company keeps dragging saying all cock and bull stories and meantime the seller escapes. No one can trace them as they have faked all their ID and address. They will change their phone. The investor can't go for a case because of some fear as these guys have his signed bonds and blank cheques. I don't understand why these investors are not complaining to the police. Maybe because of social embarrassment. Anybody who is been conned by this modus operandi do please mail me; I will try my best to trace these sellers and companies. I know a few groups who do like this and fetched few crores from people. We will trap them discreetly. If you trust me do please mail me. Trust me, I have done lot of research in this and finally I entered a group to find out what is their modus operandi. That's why I said I can trace.


Ram Narayan
- Chennai, India

Ed. note: We appreciate the explanation, Ram, but we do not put our readers into private contact with each other. Sorry. There are many reasons we don't, but from thousands of miles away, we have no way of knowing whether this is yet another layer of the scam anyway. Please let undercover police officers, who are armed and sworn, and who have the full legal power and resources of the state, do the undercover police work.

September 2, 2013

Q. They say iridium could be found in old treasures once as the buried gold turns into this hard metal? Is this true?

Harry Jenson
- Bangalore, Karnataka, India

September 3, 2013

Hi Harry. No, of course it's not true as that would violate virtually every tenet of basic chemistry. But it is fortunate because iridium is less valuable than gold.


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

October 17, 2014

Hi Friends,
Please don't believe RP (ricepuller) stories. All bullshit. One of my friends lost more than 1 cr and lost his health and everything. I have been observing for past 4 years; I have not seen a single success story. Please do not waste your time and energy.
It's a fake...

d kumar
- hyderabad,tg,india

November 17, 2014

sr+3cuiro6+ are stops the electron flow... maybe it stops conservation of energy one form to another form in front of it?

rana prathap mourya
- hydrabad,telangana,india

December 2014

Hi Rana. I have no idea what your "formula" is supposed to mean, but believe whatever nonsense you wish -- as long as you don't put your family into poverty by "investing" in these shams and scams :-)


pic of Ted Mooney Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey

January 20, 2015

!! I was reading everyone's opinion. I strongly believe those stories are true, I know some people from my country that they become multi millionaires within few years which is impossible by doing only job or business, they are super big shots in our country now. You know how, by selling those products to the right sellers and they are still looking for more products. Okay, let me tell you this: I have a metal coin from 1742, one side has a head -- you can see that head thru the coin, how is it possible? It's not glass! I don't know what to do with this. Can anyone tell me what is this? and about RP? I have seen it years back. I did not believe my own eyes and I did not know what the heck are those metals, now I know after reading this forum. I can tell one thing, they are not fake.

lalon baba
- Toronto, Canada

January 16, 2015

Hi. All this Iridium Ir 91 has many useful features, and it's been bid on the ounce rate, so it's not fake. But scamsters all around make their fast bucks by conning and cheating the innocent ones. And people too are greedy and fall prey to such things.

rajiv kumar
IT Consultant - bangalore, karnataka , INDIA

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