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1. Choose your primary product or service from one of the 6 categories listed below:

The cost for listings in the Green categories (this column) is $45/mo. or $540/year.

Consultants (consulting engineers, finishing consultants, marketing consultants, training services, software).

Jobshops (plating shops, powder coating shops, anodizing shops, finishing shops).

The cost for listings in the Red categories (this column) is $60/mo. or $720/year.

Environmental (ion exchange, sludge disposal, scrubbers, incinerators, recycling, waste water treatment, exhaust ventilation systems)

Testing (testing services, test equipment, coupons, salt spray cabinets, thickness testers, stress test panels)

Capital Equipment (capital equipment, installation services, finishing lines other than listed above).

Chemicals & Consumables (processes, perishables, replenishables or services other than those listed above).

2. Choose your payment method and frequency:

You can pay Yearly by

Check (drawn on a USA bank)
Wire transfer / direct deposit
Credit Card (Visa, MC, AX)

(We will invoice you for 12 months of service, i.e., $540 if you selected a Green category (left column) for your listing, or $720 if you selected a Red category (right column). Businesses in New Jersey will be billed an additional 7% New Jersey sales tax. We will put your listing on line as soon as payment is received).

or you can pay Monthly by

Credit Card (Visa, MC, AX).

(There is a one-time set-up charge of $75 when you order monthly service rather than paying for a year. We will charge your credit card $120 for the Green categories (left column) or $135 for the Red categories (right column), which covers the first month plus the one-time set-up charge. Next month, and each future month until advised otherwise, we will charge your credit card $45 if you chose a Green category or $60 if you chose a Red category. Businesses in New Jersey will be billed an additional 7% New Jersey sales tax. ).

3. Brief description of your products and/or services [about 35 words, or fit the visible space]:

This 'brief description' is used on the directory index. You will also get your own individual page with your logo, contact information, and a more comprehensive description of your products and services. We will put both pages of your listing on line immediately using the 'brief description', then work with you to expand your own individual page to a more comprehensive description.

4. Our website address, if applicable, is:

Hotlink our directory listing to our web site ( will provide a log of IP addresses/date of click-thrus); or

Don't link to another website -- keep our presence on separate.

5. Contact Information for your listing, please fill in the boxes below:

       My Company's name is:
My company's Street Address:
                      State: Businesses in NJ will be billed additional 7% NJ sales tax.
                   Zip code:
             Contact Person:

6. Additional notes to (but not to be printed on your listing, such as P.O. number, who to send bill to, questions you have, etc.)

7. For fastest service call in your credit card number and expiration date to 908-910-7464 during business hours, or text/WhatsApp it to 1-908-910-7464 any time, and we can start the service immediately. Thanks.

8. Submit this form when ready:


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