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A2LA accredited Dubpernell, Coulometric, Cross-section, Impedance, Anodized aluminum thickness, and STEP Testing ---- certificate #3554.01

Labs & Consulting

100 Jersey Avenue, Building D, Box D-2
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Contact: Dr. Ravi Chandran
Phone: 732-236-4699


ISO/IEC 17025 A2LA Accredited testing:

  1. Duplex nickel STEP test (ASTM B764),
  2. Coulometric thickness (ASTM B504),
  3. Cross-section analysis (ASTM B487),
  4. Microporous Chromium (Dubpernell Test) (ASTM B456),
  5. Anodized aluminum thickness (ASTM B244),
  6. Sealing quality (Impedance) of anodized aluminum (ASTM B457),
  7. Ductility measurements (ASTM B490),
  8. Adhesion and heat quench test (ASTM B571),
  9. Active sites after corrosion test (MIL-DTL-5541F),
  10. Electrical resistance of conversion coating (MIL-DTL-5541F).

Lab Services:

  1. R&D consulting and lab support,
  2. Failure evaluation of plated and anodized parts,
  3. Cyclic Voltammetry analysis,
  4. Third party investigation

1) Simultaneous thickness and electrochemical potential determination of individual layers in Duplex nickel deposits (STEP test) ASTM B764
2) Plating thickness by microscopic cross-section ASTM B487
3) Coulometric thickness measurement of chromium, other metals, electroless nickel, ASTM B504
4) Microporous (discontinuous) chromium, Dubpernell test, ASTM B456, Active Site Determination after CASS test, ASTM B651
5) Thickness of aluminum oxide and other non-conductive coatings, ASTM B244
6) Sealing quality of anodic coatings on aluminum, ASTM B457
7) Ductility measurements, ASTM B490
8) Adhesion and heat quench test, ASTM B571
9) Active sites after corrosion test, MIL-DTL-5541F
10) Electrical resistance of conversion coating, MIL-DTL-5541F

1) CASS test and active site determination
2) Adhesion, ASTM B571
3) Ductility measurements, ASTM B490
4) Absence of hexavalent chromium (VI) in coatings
5) Failure evaluation of plated/coated parts
6) Cyclic voltammetry

Lab services - Testing services - Thickness Testing - Duplex nickel - Decorative Chromium - Analyze Plating Baths - Third Party Investigation - Testing and Evaluation of Electrodeposits or Deposits.

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