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Foresight Finishing LLC

1102 West Geneva Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282

Contact: Casey Weizel

Phone: 480-921-0000, 481-772-0387
Fax: 480-921-0030



Foresight Finishing LLC provides precious metal plating services for the Aerospace, Defense, Electronic and Telecommunications industries in our new state of the art facility.

Plating of Precious and Non-Precious Metals

  • Selective plating for mil spec and pc tail contacts. Low cost tooling available for custom contacts.
  • Copper, electrolytic and electroless nickel, bright tin and gold plating.
  • Traditional barrel plating and vibratory plating.
  • Tight plating distribution ratios for critical tolerances.
  • Plating of small, fragile components with deep recesses and blind holes.
  • All orders are processed with Nadcap certifications regardless of whether they are needed, eliminating the premiums that generally accompany this certification.

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