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Greystone Induplate
Facility: 1 Greystone Drive /
Receiving: 138 Waterman Ave.
North Providence, RI 02911
(401) 231-5770 x210

GVA: Greystone of Virginia
7992 Richmond Road
Toano, VA 23168
(757) 566-8070

Contact: Steve Durkin
Market Manager
    - Firearms & Aerospace
C (401) 787-4865


Products & Services:

With TS16949 Certified facilities in Virginia and Rhode Island, Greystone offers Hard Chrome, Hard Anodizing, Zinc and Zinc-Iron Plating, Electroless Nickel, Decorative Nickel Chrome, Watts Nickel, Nickel Sulfamate, Chemical Deburring, Electropolishing, Heat Treating, Passivating and Manganese Phosphate.

Greystone is a world class high volume precision plater that focuses on superior responsiveness and customer service.

Specializing in high volume precision plating, Greystone is an industry leader in the automation of rack plating and a pioneer in the development of customer specific plating processes. Greystone has received several compliance awards from government agencies. In-house laboratories and state of the art inspection equipment ensure customer satisfaction.

Processes Provided:

Over 100 years combined plating experience at each location.

Industries Served:

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