An Open Letter to the Finishing Industry

  From: fred cole 
29 Nov 1995 Organization: University of Baltimore
  I'm a member of a group of students in the "Lab to Market" program at the University of Baltimore's Merrick School of Business. This is a technological transfer program in which we try to match technologies to manufacturers, that is, we're trying to take our technology from the lab to the market.
  Our technology (patent no. 5,380,554) concerns the application of chromic acid anhydride (CrO3) coatings.  The process is novel in that it starts with chromic acid powder, but converts chromium from its hexavalent state to its divalent state.  Compared to the current state of the art, this process has tremendous potential to reduce hazardous waste streams, worker exposed to hexavalent chromium and costs.
  We seek information and feedback in the following areas:
1)	If you are a current user and /or manufacturer of corrosion-resistant coatings that sees value in this technology, then we would like to discuss ways in which we could make the technology available to you.
2)	If you have the ability to perform standard industry tests, (such as  -- 500 hour salt spray; , method A -- wet tape adhesion, and , Method A -- Scrape adhesion), then we would like to discuss a test program to confirm coatings effectiveness.
  Thanks in advance.
  George Alsfeld

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