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("I need 2 bumpers from my antique car plated..." rather than "Who does chrome plating?")
("I want to build a boat lift out of 6061 aluminum..." rather than "Is aluminum water-resistant?")
("Here's what I am planning to do..." rather than "What happens if...")

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The purpose of this website is:

1). To provide a technical resource about metal finishing.

2). To provide a place for people to enjoy the camaraderie of their peers.

3). To help our advertisers get business to reward them for making the site possible. We work to keep non-advertisers from commercially profiting from our advertisers' investment.

Our editorial standards try to balance those 3 purposes, so you can skip the fine print
-- but it is below for reference if you wish :-)

a). Please don't ask us to remove your posting if it has been answered. It is part & parcel of the resource we are building. Removing it drills holes in the site, and insults & wastes the time of those who responded. If your posting must be removed, we will certainly do so -- but you may be unwelcome to post in the future.

b). We can't publish anonymous letters. It's simply incompatible with the efforts of so many of us working to make this a place of camaraderie. Like letters to a newspaper, all inquiries & answers must be from identifiable individuals. We need your FULL name, e-mail address, city, state, and country. We don't usually print your e-mail address, and after a period of time we will be pleased to remove your last name for privacy.

d). We don't require your company name. If you choose to include it, we usually don't print it unless your company is a supporting advertiser. Please don't expect commercial profit from your posting unless you an advertiser; we owe it to our advertisers to make sure that you don't.

e).We don't usually print e-mail addresses or contact info. It's long been considered rude netiquette to hijack a public question and take it private: it disenfranchises the readers, arousing their curiosity then cutting them adrift unsatisfied. Second, it's impractical to maintain contact info over the years and across a quarter million inquiries & responses. Third, our supporting advertisers bear the costs of the site, so non-advertisers should not reach out to the potential customers.

f). We print URLs only with rare exception. They encourage people to post a link instead of an answer, and most links go bad very quickly; they are impossible to keep current across the 60 thousand pages of this permanent resource, and they send our advertisers' hard-won readers away to other sites.

g). About brand names and company names. If you're looking for an industrial product or service, your inquiry will be published as an RFQ on our "I Need a Finishing Service" or "I Need a Product or Service for a Finishing Shop" page and our advertisers will contact you in private. This site is made possible by supporting advertisers; for a reader to recommend competitors' products or other finishing shops is like accepting a free dinner at Irene's Diner, and 'being helpful' by telling the waiting patrons that the food is cheaper or better at Theresa's :-)

h). We can't let consumer & student inquiries overwhelm our mission. Consumers & students are welcome to submit questions, but this site focuses on industrial metal finishing, so we print only those questions which are about metal finishing, non-repetitive, and interesting to our readers. Please search the site before posting, and try to add your question to an existing thread on that subject rather than starting duplicative threads on off-topic subjects.

i). We don't print "slams" of products or people. Everyone is welcome to express their own opinion, and to disagree (even strongly) with others--but never to question their qualifications or to post an ad hominem response!

j). This is about SHARING, not the wholesale transfer of technology! Share and share alike. If you frequently post questions but never help others, we must stop posting your questions. One of the best ways to learn is to try to teach :-)

k). Non-english postings and replies. Sorry, due to time constraints and other reasons we can only post in English.

l). DON'T PROWL for possible applications for your product or service! That is NOT camaraderie and sharing; that's spamming for commercial benefit. If you want to promote your product via this website, it should be via paid advertising.

l). We reserve the right to edit all inquiries and responses. In general we post the technical portions and discard the commercial and non-conforming portions.

Our readers are usually generous in helping, but:

So please--

Thank you for your patience! Please Post an inquiry!

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