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60876. Need Alkaline Anodizing of Titanium (pH>11)

October 19, 2018

RFQ: Seeking chemical supplier for titanium anodization type 2
(Not acid anodization when I need technical features)

Fredrik Stewart
jobshop - Göteborg, Sweden
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60861. Nickel Plating and Black Chrome Finishing

September 28, 2018

RFQ: We have a range of parts that require a high Phosphorus Electroless Nickel plating (non magnetic) finished off with a black chrome layer, plating spec available. Is anyone able to offer this service?

Nicholas Maske
engineer - Cape Town, South Africa
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60791. Anodise removal and re-anodize, NSW Australia

July 7, 2018

RFQ: My situation: I have anodised parts that need to be stripped and re-anodised deep blue. Dimensions are important. Has to be a removal process that does not effect base metal (6061-T6) such as chromic phosphoric acid process which no one seems to do in Australia. Approximately 90 parts. Parts have all only just been anodised, color is inconsistent and some parts have leaching visible. Parts are not hard anodised. I will attempt to get a Pantone number for the colour I need.

Neil Macintosh
Business owner - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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60782. Need Beryllium PVD Coating

June 27, 2018

RFQ: I'm looking for a beryllium metal PVD service provider. It can be either sputtering or evaporation of Be. We are interested in several hundred nm thick Be films.

Ren Bin Yang
Researcher - Singapore
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60854. Quality 18K plating on 925 silver products

May 29, 2018

RFQ: Hi,

I run a jewelry brand that produce sterling silver rings, bracelets and earrings made at our manufacturer in Sweden.

Unfortunately they don't have the equipment to gold plate our jewelry with good quality. The gold layer of rings and bracelets wear off in a couple of weeks.

They say that they plate at 3 micron with 18K gold, but they cannot guarantee it since they don't have measuring equipment.

I'm Looking for a partner that has experience in this field and can provide quality plating, either with TiN layer or a good clear coating that really lasts. Thanks.

Jimmy Latf
- BORÃ, Sweden
à   ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60752. Hard coat and coloured anodizing on aluminium parts

May 5, 2018

RFQ: We are making 3 types of small high precision parts from 6061 aluminium and are looking for a vendor , preferably in India, to do a high quality anodizing on these parts.
the first part required hard coat MIL Type 3 in grey colour. The current suppliers we have used till not are unable to meet the quality level expected, the hard coat surface does not look smooth and the colour is bronze/black rather than grey

The second and third part are coloured blue and Golden orange respectively. The samples done by current vendor are inconsistent and the surface looks porous.

Manufacturer - NOIDA, UP, INDIA
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April 20, 2018

RFQ: Hello,

We are an auto parts manufacturer based in New Delhi, India.
We regularly need chrome/nickel plating, vaccum plating, pvd etc. service for our parts. However we want it to last for some years and not corrode.
Interested companies please contact us.

Thanks & Regards

Rishabh Batra
- New Delhi, Delhi, India
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60726. Searching for company that can etch tracks in thin aluminum foil.

April 4, 2018

RFQ: Hello everyone,

I hope one of you may be able to help with this ... I am looking for a company that can help etch 1-6 mm width tracks in a <3 µm aluminum foil that is fused to a very thin mylar membrane. The size of the foil/membrane combination typically is ~ 10 * 15 cms, yet it would be preferred if the sizes can be up to 25 * 50 cms.

I would much appreciate if someone here knows of such a company (within the EU is preferred but not mandatory).

Cheers & thanks,

Jesper M

Jesper Moensted
Electronics R&D - Thyholm, Denmark
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60721. Need Teflon Coating

March 26, 2018

RFQ: Teflon coat inside of 200m/m stainless steel cheese mould to reduce friction after pressing when removing cheese from mould.

Noel Heffernan
Product designer - County Limerick Ireland
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60677. Need zinc or zinc alloy plating of fasteners

February 1, 2018


I am looking to achieve a coating of any zinc or zinc alloy plating on a steel base to achieve a life of 400 hours SST . Any agencies near Mumbai providing such a facility ? Information will be appreciated.

Manoj Radhesh Maheshwari
fastener mfg - Mumbai , India
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60676. Need Antique Bronze Plating on Aluminium

January 29, 2018

RFQ: Dear,

Good day to you.

I am writing to you with an urgent requirement of a special profile as attached here with. For the same, we need to do Antique Bronze plating in that. So here by requesting you to advise us that, in which Aluminium alloy we can do Bronze Electro plating.

Also requesting you to quote your best offer ASAP. Details as below,

Material : Aluminium
Finish : 2B
Quantity : 2.4 mtr long x 1240 Nos

Awaiting your valued reply ASAP.

Pranoy Joseph
Procurement Engineer - Muscat, Oman
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60662. Need Chrome Plating on Aluminium Casting in India

January 4, 2018

RFQ: We want to do chrome plating on Aluminium casting outer tube. Aluminium material is AC2B with heat treatment as per JIS standard. Do we have any supplier in India who does chrome finish on Aluminium parts.

vishal pimple
Engineer - Aurangabad, MAharashtra
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60649. Need electroplating service in Bangkok

December 11, 2017

RFQ: Urgent:
Looking for an honest, competent and reliable silver and gold electroplater located in either Bangkok or Phnom Penh for plating 99% copper flasks and carafes for ongoing work.
Recommendations will be appreciated very much, thank you.

James McLaughlan
Product design & manufacturer - Siem Reap Cambodia
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60616. Need PVD coating / Plating on Brass Jewelry

September 27, 2017

RFQ: Hi,

Need to know if PVD plating can be done on Brass Jewelry and how effective it is and what is the durability of the products.

What types of plating or coating can be done.

Also any suggestions if anyone in India provides this service.


Jay Panjwani
- Mumbai, India
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