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Cutlery Mfgr. needs Silver Plating in India or Europe

June 6, 2020

RFQ: Hello,
We are looking for a EUROPE or INDIA based partner to plate Cutlery and Table accessories in Silver with thickness in the range (6 to 20 microns).
Base metal is made of casted brass. Casting is done in India.
Plater can be located in Europe or in India.

Jean Pradelle
- France
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61095. Need Boric-Sulfuric Anodize Class 5 with Lanthane 613.3 Conversion Coating

April 23, 2020

RFQ: I work in Machining house with AS9001. I have a customer requesting us look for Boric sulfuric Acid Anodize per BAC 5632 and Lanthane 613.3 conversion coating per MIL-DTL-5541.
Please contact me if you provide both this service.

Apple Ang
- Malaysia
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61068. Need Chromic Acid Anodization supplier with Nad-Cap certification in Europe zone

February 10, 2020

RFQ: Hi, I'm working for an aerostructure company in Turkey. We need a surface treatment supplier with qualifications listed below.

- Nad-Cap certificate
- Chromic Acid Anodization (MIL-A-8625) line for minimum 4 meters long parts
- Relatively close to Turkey (Truck shipment should be possible)

Utku Sahan
buyer - Turkiye
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61060. Need Z 15 DFBR > 600 Hrs Red Rust

January 14, 2020

61060-1b   61060-1a

RFQ: We are Tier 1 Supplier to Automotive OEM's and have a requirement to meet Z 15 DFBR, norme B15 4101 means electrolytic Zinc Coating pure or combined with Iron and/or Cobalt in alkaline bath without cyanide (except for the forged steel or cast iron parts), thickness minimum of 15 µm, with Degasification, with a passivation with the trivalent chromium of colour White or Bluish and a finish Reinforced. The SST requirement is >200 for Red Rust & >600 for Red Rust.


sriram jayanth
Employee - india
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

61052. E- coating for jewelry

January 2, 2020

RFQ: Hi I live in UK. I'm looking for companies here that do e-coating on silver and gold plated jewelry and also on alloy jewelry. I've tried to find someone who does this but to no avail. Does anyone out there know of any UK companies that do this? Thank you in advance.

Margot Adams
- UK
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61051. Guitar mfgr. needs gold plating of plastic parts

January 1, 2020

RFQ: Hi All,
I am looking to get plastic parts (guitar pickup covers) plated in gold. The dimensions of the part are roughly 2*3*10cm. I would love to get some reference to relevant factories that might help.

Alon Sivan
Guitar manufacturer - Israel
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61029. Need heavy 3 micron gold plating on sterling silver jewelry

October 30, 2019

RFQ: Hello,
I am looking for someone who can gold-plate my sterling silver jewelry with 3 microns thickness. Thanks in advance.

- Mumbai, maharashtra, India
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Ed. note: Himadri, please get back to us with whether you are talking about a pair of cuff links for your own use, or mass quantities of jewelry for a major manufacturer, or somewhere in between. Thanks.

61030. Need Nickel and MCP plating of molds

October 1, 2019

RFQ: Hello,

For corrosion resistance, we need nickel plating in a thickness of 3 microns (sometimes 25 microns). Then, the nickel is covered by a thin 3 micron Micro Chrome Plating, MCP,layer. The substrate of our mold is basically steel 1.2083 (Uddeholm Stavax).
Quite often we get mold inserts back from the supplier and after a (short) period of time, locally the coating is peeled off (no good adherence).
Is there anyone experienced in this type of coatings?

Best regards,

Marnix The
- Son, Netherlands
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

61015. Chrome-look painting of ABS plastic parts in China

September 28, 2019

RFQ: I'm looking for a factory in China who can apply chrome, specifically a dark/black chrome, to ABS plastic computer mice (the outer plastic casing of the mice).

I've looked into PVD and apparently it won't be hard wearing enough. The most promising method seems to be silver nitrate spray. However I have difficulty finding someone who can do it in China.

I have found companies that can do it in England, but it means quite a bit of logistics, and usually they're not set up for higher quantities, so it'd be better to find a factory in China.

If anyone can recommend a factory who can do it, or has a different recommendation other than the silver nitrate spray, I'd really appreciate it.


Russell Vint
- Chelmsford, Essex, England
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60983. Black Zinc Nickel on Aluminium

August 15, 2019

RFQ: Looking for plating vendors with experience plating black zinc nickel on aluminium. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Adam Doyle
Industrial Designer - Brisbane, Australia
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60980. URGENT! We need Nickel Boron Plating surface treatment for our lock shackle

July 23, 2019

RFQ: I am Daisy, who is the manufacturer of smart lock. But now we are looking for Nickel Boron Plating surface treatment for our lock shackle, which is made of Carbon Steel.
Can you do this kind of treatment and advise me?
I am very urgent for this, please kindly revert back to me asap.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon
Kind Regards

Daisy Dai
- China
  ^- Privately contact this inquirer -^

60976. Titanium electropolishing

June 26, 2019

RFQ: Hi,

I work for a chemical etching company and am looking for a supplier of titanium electropolishing of this sort:

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Steve Jones
- Birmingham, UK
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