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60558. Need rhodium plated glass mirror sheets

November 15, 2017

RFQ: Hello,
We are looking for Rhodium Plated Glass Mirror Sheets.
Is there anyone who can let us know where from we can buy this item.?

Shehzad Ahmed
Riaz Mirror Maker - Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan.
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November 14, 2017

60557. Need 15 MT of Zinc Oxide per month

Guys, Wondering if any of you have succeeded in making Zinc Oxide with PSD less than or equal to 3 microns.

I am looking to buy 15 MT per month right now.

Kumar Nilesh
- Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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60531. Roofing Screw Coating

October 16, 2017

RFQ: I am in need of a machine that can powder coat the heads of 250,000 roofing screws per day. Your help would be much appreciated!

Peter Hayward
Powder Coating Plant - Auckland, New Zealand
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60523. Need SN-1 (1,3,6-Naphthalene Trisulfonic Acid)

October 5, 2017

Q. Hello,
I am trying to locate a supplier of SN-1 (1,3,6-Naphthalene Trisulfonic Acid) brightener/stress reliever for Nickel Sulfamate plating solutions in 100kg or 200kg.

Anyone know who supplies this product?
I am in Melbourne, Australia.


Charles Prochazka
- Melbourne, Australia
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60518. Titanium Plating System

October 3, 2017

Q. We are manufacturer for interior of Marine industry (megayacht & superyacht : up to 50 meters) Aircraft industry (private VIP business jet), hotel, residence, VIP vehicles, etc.

We want to coat stainless steel with titanium

Mehmet Bashan
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60485. Need additives for Sulfamate Nickel Plating

July 30, 2017

RFQ: Hello,
We are use Nickel Sulphamate solution for nickel plating. We need any additives or any system for fast plating and height of plating (for thickness).

Your reply highly appreciate.

M. Radhanpuri
- AHMEDABAD, Gujarat, India
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60478. Request for SS 304 sheet

July 11, 2017

RFQ: Dear All

we have a project that need shortage of 2 sheets of SS 304 50 ml 2*6 , we prefer european supplier and also we need them in jebel ali free zone of Dubai .

Robert Smith
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60468. Need sodium cyanide for gold recovery

June 22, 2017

RFQ: Please which store can i get Commercial sodium cyanide to buy

Oduro Kwarteng
Home recovery of gold - Ghana, Kumasi- Ashanti
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60467. Need Consultant for Copper Plating On SS

June 22, 2017

RFQ: I would like some help in plating stainless steel with copper. Specifically, I want to plate stainless steel cooking vessel bottoms with 0.02" of copper for even heat distribution. 1) A general description of what is involved 2) A consultant who I can pay to outline the process in exacting details for me to do it commercially.

Thank you in advance.

Asif Hussain
Plating Shop Owner - Karachi - Pakistan
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60466. Want to make Silver Electroplated Embroidery Threads (Zari)

June 19, 2017

RFQ: Respected Sir, I want to make silver electroplated embroidery thread. I shall be extremely thankful if you please let me know method for this tank plating system. Do you supply chemicals for this? Turnkey machinery for this? Thanks.

Namita Shah
- surat, gujarat, India
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60459. Need electroforming supplier

June 2, 2017

RFQ: Searching electroforming supplier in australia

Ashish Baral
Going to start jewellery business in Australia - Adelaide
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60371. Need Gold bath with the highest hardness to apply to jewelry products

January 20, 2017

RFQ: Hello

I need to bay a gold process with the highest hardness that can be obtained to apply to jewelry products.

Thank you.

Gloria Olmos
plating shop employee - Colombia
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60367. Need Gold Plating Equipment

December 29, 2016

RFQ: I would like to get in touch with suppliers of gold plating equipment (baths and chemicals).

Ngoni Chapuredima
Production Manager - Zimbabwe
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60345. Need turnkey plant for anodized aluminum mirror sheet

December 25, 2016

RFQ: Dear sir,
We are a Govt. of India recognised startup in India. We are manufacturers of our patented "System to grow plants under shade."
We want to manufacture Anodized Aluminum Mirror sheet at our site.
Thus we require complete line to manufacture Anodized Aluminum Mirror sheet.
Specifications of sheet are: 0.5mm X 1.2 meter x 1.2 meter.
Sheet should have reflective index of 95%-99%.

So if you could supply turn key plant for Anodized Aluminum Mirror sheet then you may contact me.

Sukhbir Singh Sokhi
Second Sun Systems - Ludhiana, Punjab, India
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60336. Need consultant for our Chemical Brightening services

November 28, 2016

RFQ: Dear Sir,
I want additives for chemical brightening solution or chemical polishing solution in my anodising line. If some engineer can come down and put right my system in professional manner is highly appreciated. Will be paying fees for the same.

Sumit Lodha
N M Coating - Ahmednagar Maharashtra India.
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