perating out of an 18,000 square foot facility in close proximity to New York City,

Hill Cross Company has a diverse production facility with easy access to every mode of delivery transportation including our own vehicles.

We employ over 20 people with expertise in the areas of process engineering, plating production, quality assurance, analytical services, and computer operations. In the past two years, we have processed over a quarter of a million parts to a highly diversified customer base.

Although our focus is primarily on the electronics and connector industries, we have decorative and commercial plating customers as well. We do not, however, process printed wiring boards or provide continuous reel-to-reel plating.

We operate lines ranging in size from the sub-miniature to those containing plating tanks of 100 gallons. Although primarily a barrel plating shop we can also process a wide variety of parts requiring the more precise controls of rack plating. For difficult substrates, requiring adhesion-promoting diffusion techniques, we have reducing atmosphere furnaces.

Our plating barrels range in size from 2" x 4" to 12" x 24". We use both "off the shelf" barrel and rack equipment as well as specialized configurations designed and, in some cases, built by us. This gives us the capability to process jobs from pilot prototype to high volume production. As an example of this capability, in the past year we processed a lot of only sixty four PCS for one customer while providing twelve million defect free parts to a major supplier to the automotive industry.


We can normally achieve turn around times within five days of receipt of material while having the capability of providing a complete job within twenty four hours.

If you involve us early in the design cycle, we can contribute to the reduction of manufacturing costs by suggesting specification alternatives which can lower both material cost and processing time without sacrificing quality.