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Ed. note: before the internet existed, there was a time when "Sysops" (system operators) ran publics forums via dial-up modems and "BBS" (Bulletin Board System) software. Here is one such discussion from 1993.

Racks and Racking

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Posted on 03/27/93 at 10:22:40
To: ALL From: BILL ISRAEL - Silver strike on costume jewelry From: Bill Israel, Kathyanne Inc., Plainview, N.Y. - Decorative plating of costume jewelry We are manufacturers of costume jewelry using base metals(brass, tin, etc) and finishing our pieces with sterling silver strike and gold strikes. We are having problems with our silver strike bath, plating items which are wired on 22 gauge copper wire approx. 3" apart. We are plating for 20-30 sec. @ 2 volts. the bath is a 30 gal. tank with .67 oz.Potassium Sil. CN per gal. and 14 oz. per gal KCN. Our problem is that plating individual parts on a wire get good results, but multiple pieces on a wire and not satisfactory. Anyone with some suggested solutions? please reply via BBS or contact me @ 516-576-3300. Thanks.

Msg. #3757 in ** Ask Plater B**
Posted on 03/27/93 at 22:18:50
To: BILL ISRAEL From: BERL STEIN - Reply To 'Silver strike on costume jewelry'
Bill, in order to help you solve the problem a little more information is needed. First of all, what kind of problems do you experience with multiple pieces (Blisters, skip plating, etc.). Also, what preplating cycle are using? More often than not plating problems stem from inadequate surface preparation. Have you had this problem before? Did anything change in the preplating cycle to cause it? The voltage is not as important as current density. Does your total current increase proportionally when you strike multiple pieces versus a single piece? If not, make sure it does.


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