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Ed. note: before the internet existed, there was a time when "Sysops" (system operators) ran publics forums via dial-up modems and "BBS" (Bulletin Board System) software. Here is one such discussion from 1990.

Copper Plating on Cast Iron

Msg. #1339 in ** Ask Plater B**
Posted on 11/06/90 at 20:39:26
To: JAMES WALKER From: TED MOONEY - Repair of Philly City Hall Tower. One radical change we had to adapt to during the rebuilding of the City Hall Tower that may be useful for people like you to know: The ironwork when originally built 100 years ago was copper plated (very heavy, almost as thick as a penny!), then zinc plated, then painted. We intended to repair by copper plating wherever the copper was damaged, use tin-zinc alloy, then paint. We had to abandon repair of damaged copper plate. Why? Because there was zero (count 'em) adhesion. The copper had no bonding power whatsoever. What was holding it on was a shrink-wrap type situation. Once compromised, there was no restoring it. Be careful if expecting to repair copper plating of this vintage.  

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