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Blessed Are the Peacemakers

The AESF Council of Delegates can do but one of two things at Sur/Fin --

It is a terrible Hobson's choice because both sides have large numbers of energetic and utterly passionate members on their side -- people who have worked to exhaustion, and who will be nearly inconsolable when their efforts are rejected.

Both sides claim that sixty percent of the membership is on their side. The best we can hope for is that the number of people slamming books down and storming out of meetings after the vote can be held to a minimum; and that their generous efforts be acknowledged by all, and in a spirit of camaraderie they remain in the fold.

All of us must be passionate peacebrokers or there will be no society left to save, whichever way the vote goes.

- Ted Mooney,

The Perfect Storm Ahead for AESF?

Please see this impassioned plea by Jerry Phillips, who has put it better than I was able to. -- Ted


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