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Northern Coatings & Chemical Co.

705 Sixth Avenue
Menominee, MI 49858-0456

Contact: Mike Shaffer
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Phone (906) 863-2641
Fax (906) 863-6671

Products & Services:

We manufacture environmentally compliant coatings for fuel cells, medical equipment, engines, automotive fasteners (AquaphosTM and TexacoteTM lines), and many other types of commercial products.

Our Quality Coatings are engineered for Metal, Plastic, and Wood applications. High-solids solvent-borne and water-borne coatings reduce VOC and HAPS emissions. Spray or dip coatings have excellent transfer efficiency that will reduce pollution. Our coatings meet the requirements of the U.S. EPA, Clean Air Act, and the Departments of Environmental Quality for many states, provinces, and nations throughout the world.

We are ISO9001-2000 registered.

Heat resistant paints - High temperature paints

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