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G. J. Nikolas & Co., Inc.

2800 Washington Blvd.
Bellwood, IL 60104

Phone 708-544-0320
Fax 708-544-9722


Products & Services:

G.J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of quality industrial coatings with over 100 years of experience. We provide protective coatings and decorative coatings to use in a multitude of industries and on a variety of substrates. Our brass lacquers and other clear lacquers are available in vehicles for air dry or bake applications. We offer an extensive line of epoxy coatings, urethanes, acrylics, solvent base coatings and are leaders in low VOC compliant and waterbase coatings. Our product line is available in an array of colors including transparent dyes, enamels and brilliant metallic applications. We specialize in decorative and antique finish products to protect your polished silver and brass. Nikolas Lacquer can customize a coating to work in your finishing system. Call us for all of your coating needs.

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