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Heatbath Corporation

P.O. Box 51048
Indian Orchard, MA 01151-5048

Contact: Lindsey Walen

Phone 413-452-2000
Fax 413-543-2378

Products & Services: Heatbath manufactures an extensive line of metal finishing products including black oxide and phosphate conversion coatings, decorative plating systems, electroless nickel, zinc plating brighteners, chromate conversion coatings and metal cleaners. All backed by expert technical services. Direct sales from three manufacturing facilities: Detroit, Chicago and Indian Orchard, MA. ISO 9001 Certified.

Black Oxide Conversion Coatings:

Phosphate Conversion Coatings:

Decorative Plating Systems:

Electroless Nickel:

Zinc Plating Brighteners:

Heatbath's new Black Oxide brochure is now available. This brochure outlines products used for blackening steel, stainless, copper, brass and zinc parts. Contact Heatbath at for a copy. - August 2012

Heatbath Corporation, Indian Orchard, MA, USA a supplier of metal finishing products has updated its website to include newly engineered technologies for zinc, electroless nickel and decorative plating, chromate conversion coating, phosphating, black oxide coatings as well as a wide range of products for surface pretreatment and corrosion protection. In addition to the newly updated design and easy navigation, new features include a product search section, an instructional video page and a quick sign up page for Heatbath's quarterly eNewsletter. Visit us at - October 2011

Heatbath Announces Newly Updated Metal Finishing Products Brochure. Contact Heatbath at for a copy. - July 2011

Heatbath Corporation has developed a new Line Card - an "at-a-glance" listing of our wide range of metal finishing offerings. - March 2011

Rust Preventative Brochure Announcement - February 2011

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