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Gold Touch, Inc.

12801 Berea Road
Cleveland, OH 44111

Phone: 216-941-7400
Fax: 216-941-7472

Contact: Terry Collins

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Types of services offered:

Cosmichrome™ sprayed-on chrome plating systems that applies to nearly any material.

Turnkey plating systems with built-in closed loop waste water recycling for zero discharge plating.

Non cyanide chemistry.

Mobile 24 karat gold brush plating systems, equipment and chemicals for plating onto nickel, stainless steel, car emblems, conductive plastic, as well as other metals.

Tuffcoat electrophoretic plating systems that apply a flexible polymer to jewelry for corrosion protection and colors. Tuffcoat won't stiffen chains!

Electroforming/metalforming systems for electroplating non electrically conductive objects.

A complete line of quart and gallon bottle ready to use jewelry plating chemicals including rhodium and non-cyanide 14, 18, 24 karat and rose gold.

Immersion Gold Plating Chemistry and our patented low gold content gold bath that reduces gold consumption by 40%.


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