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Auto Technology offers a complete line of dryer baskets in various sizes and materials of construction. Whether your application calls for mild steel, stainless or polypropylene, Auto Technology has a basket designed to suit your needs. Special application baskets are also available.

Heavy Duty Baskets

Mild and stainless steel baskets provide heavy duty service for tough applications. The solid bottom design of the 12" x 12" and 18" x 18" baskets makes load handling simple and efficient. Our standard perforation size of 3/32" permits efficient draining. Mild steel baskets are 12 gauge; stainless steel baskets are 16 gauge material.
(Note: 18" x 18" baskets are also available with a hinged bottom.)

Larger size baskets have a double thick, hinged bottom with a quick release lever.

Light Duty Baskets

Lighter drying loads can easily be handled in polypropylene baskets. Stainless steel handles offer durability and strength. Baskets with girth supports and an "H" pattern bottom add structural integrity and improved wear resistance. These baskets are widely used throughout the industry for spinning, dipping and drying light loads.

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