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Call for fast technical support and service for these metal finishing products:

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Programmable Hoists, Split Rail Machines

Full service plating line design, engineering, and installation.

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Centrifugal Spin Dryers

Auto Technology offers six centrifugal dryer lines for light to extra heavy duty finishing. Soft TouchTM Control Package available to control acceleration and deceleration of baskets when handling delicate parts. The final step for precision aqueous cleaning of many parts.

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Baskets: Steel, Stainless Steel, and Polypropylene

Auto Technology baskets are widely used throughout the industry for dipping, processing, drying, and cleaning. Choose size and material for your operation. Also see Dryers for baskets cross referenced with specific standard dryers.


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Environmental Test Chambers

There is an Auto Technology Test Chamber to perform all the major automotive, governmental, multi-gas, and ASTM Tests.

Training Classes

  • Understanding & Performing Salt Fog Corrosion Testing Class
  • Understanding & Performing Cyclic Corrosion Testing Class

New Brochures

  • Equipment / Proficiency Testing

A2LA Accredited Test Facility

  • Standard Corrosion
  • Humidity/Temperature
  • Cyclic Corrosion
  • Documentation Reports

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