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Human consumption of deionized water, page 4

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A discussion started in 2002 but continuing through 2017 . . .

February 4, 2011

I've been having some health issues and have been researching what distilled water can do to the body. I've been drinking it for at least six months straight. Probably more. I just recently went to the dentist and had 9 cavities filled. I have NEVER had any more than a couple filled, per visit, in my whole life! Even went from 1996 to 2008 without any cavities at all. Now, talking about something that may be soaking up a persons calcium.

Like most of us, I have no proof at all that the distilled water has done this. But I can only figure it has to be just that. I am going to bottled spring water now and see how that works. I hope there's nothing wrong with that! :)
Thanks to everyone that's posted. I'm getting a real educating on drinking water that I never knew existed! :)

Kelley Wohlheter
- Newark, Ohio USA

March 17, 2011

I'm a physician. We give distilled water to patients all the time, but slowly. We call it "free water" and it is given to purposefully lower the patients sodium level or replace a persons "free water deficit." So in my opinion a small amount of DI water or distilled water should not be harmful as long as your kidneys work ok, AND you don't take much at a time or too fast. Large amounts especially in a short amount of time could cause potentially dangerous shifts in your sodium levels (by dilution of your total body electrolytes) and can cause seizures among other problems.

The same thing can happen if you drink too much tap water too fast as well, but DI water would take a smaller amount to cause problems.

If you use your RO or Di water to make an occasional cup of coffee you should be fine. RO water is safer and probably makes a better cup of coffee anyway.

Roland Weast
- knoxville, Tennessee

May 13, 2011

I would not put much stock into what the WHO says. If I want advice about music, sure, I'd ask Roger Daltrey or Pete Townshend. But questions about my health? The WHO is hardly qualified.

Greg Wallace
- Weehawken, New Jersey, USA

May 2011

Although The Who may not be especially qualified in health matters, my understanding is that they are singing the same song, playing the same tune :-)


Ted Mooney,
Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Pine Beach, New Jersey

June 9, 2011

I have worked in an analytical lab setting all my life and have drunk DI water by preference for over 30 years. It is nothing but cleaner water and tastes great. If water containing ppm of Ca, Na, K, Mg is safe to drink, why on earth would one think that DI would be bad. Even the dirtiest water contains more than 99% water. Resin isn't bad to drink either and most resins in DI removal systems are about a sixteenth of an inch in size and quickly sink to the bottom in a beaker of water. PS, I use clean beakers to drink from also.

Mike Klein
- Denver, Colorado

July 18, 2011

I read the WHO article. Can someone tell me if anyone has done research on the water made by home filters that work with a plastic pitcher that you can buy at the big box stores? Are these safe to use? My son and his wife are planning to get pregnant this year, and they use such one of those pitchers to filter water in their kitchen. Is this cleaning out all the good calcium and magnesium that they actually need? Or is it mainly improving the taste of the water by filtering out other stuff?

Anita Garrett-Roe
- Portland, Texas, USA

November 15, 2011

I recently started drinking DI water because it is close by my work center and others have been doing it for several years with no ill effects. It seems like there are many different opinions on if it is a good idea to drink it or not. Just wondering if it removes minerals from your system, would it help to remove lead and mercury? Sorry if this has already been addressed, I didn't read entire forum. Thanx

Bill Heineman
Electronics Tech - Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

November 15, 2011

Hi, Bill.

Regardless of the opinions as to whether DI water is bad for you or not, the DI source you are referring to is likely not a potable water source. It may have wild bacteria growth, and there may be no effective backflow preventers to guarantee that process chemicals have not gotten into it. It's like drinking from a stream: it may be fine, it may be toxic.


Ted Mooney,
Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Pine Beach, New Jersey

December 30, 2011

(Drinking RODI as I type this) I've read this entire site regarding DI water and have done some research outside and it appears there is a lot of guessing going on causing many to be mislead about the properties of DI water. DI water is not anymore corrosive than tap water, it essentially is not corrosive and is used as an industrial cleaner because it leaves no residue behind giving it an elevated grade, and not for any other reason than that. DI water re-ionizes immediately after being exposed to air.

There has NEVER been any evidence that it depletes the minerals/vitamins from your body - that was based off a theory that was never proven. DI water does NOT deplete electrolytes from your body (this is a 'proven' fact today). DI water though is not really a better alternative to RO or other water.

We all eat other foods and get minerals from other sources so rather than suggesting it depletes these; it is true that we are not providing any extra of them from this type of water. Although to be completely objective about this topic. Where I live there are high levels of mercury and lead in the water. Wouldn't removing these ions be more beneficial than the minerals I would have potentially gotten from the water? Think about it.

In conclusion I personally like the taste of having no taste to the water. I make all my coffee with it because I get to taste the coffee without any of my local tap water additive flavors. I alternate my water depending upon the source though.

Here is an article written by Jo Alesto of '' who clarifies the healthy/un-healthy myths regarding DI water very well.

Dave Falkner
- Redding, California

June 30, 2012

It seems to me, on the subject of potential health issues in drinking pure water, since distilled water is also de-ionized, then the issues that pertain to de-ionized water should pretty much be applicable to distilled water also.

Anyone who hasn't heard of Paul Chaffee Bragg, should Google his name and read about this man's fascinating life-long mission (He was nearly 80 when he died from a head injury while body-surfing in Hawaii, and he led a group of beach-front joggers every morning.) Bragg was cited in the autobiography of Jack La Lanne for having saved La Lanne's life, back in the 1920's when La Lanne's mother dragged him to one of Bragg's lectures on drinking ONLY distilled water, and following an exercise regimen.

The minerals everyone ballyhoos in tap water, are INORGANIC mineral solids. Those who do scientific lab work, especially in biological research, ought to be well aware that our bodies CANNOT metabolize, or benefit in any way from microscopic rocks accumulating in our bladders and kidneys. In fact, those very same minerals, when consumed in one's diet, accumulate over decades, to contribute to major assaults on our health and well-being as we age.

The only way to take in minerals that will provide us with any benefit, is to consume them, either in the foods we eat, or as extracts from the foods we should be eating, and take those extracts in colloidal suspension.

My family and I have been shunning our water tap, and drinking ONLY pure distilled water now for the past 15 years. There has been NO adverse health effect, and our doctors are all well aware that we drink only distilled water.

Bruce Duncan
- Van Nuys, California, U.S.A.

October 10, 2012

After reading through some of the replys to your article I can only share my recent experience with you.

I have returned back from Africa after working there for 4 months. During this time I drank rain water that had been passed through a 7 stage reverse osmosis filtration system; this was the only water I had access to for the 4 months I lived and worked there.

I felt no ill effects whatsoever during that time and to this day I still feel fine; furthermore I felt totally refreshed after drinking a few mouthfuls of the water and seemed to need less to quench my thirst. It was also used in the cleaning and preparation of all the food I ate, boiling, steaming, etc., and allowed the natural flavor of the food to come through.

On a final note after a few weeks of allowing my body to become accustomed to my new lifestyle I did notice that I felt healthier, stronger, less tired and more alert than I had done in the couple of years leading up to my stay in Africa. I feel that the RO water acted as some form of detox and allowed my body to absorb the nutrients from the food I ate.

I am not a scientist nor do I have any formal qualifications in chemistry, biology, etc., but what I do have is a first hand experience of living and surviving on water that seems to be causing a divide in the scientific world. As I said previously your article has thrown up a 2-sided debate regarding the safety of drinking "pure" water my conclusion would read like this...

"I find no evidence whatsoever to support the argument that "Pure" water is harmful to the human body; on the contrary my 4 months of exposure to it would appear to support the other side of this debate. Distilled, RO, DI water, "pure" water give a better, healthier quality of life.

Mark Clarey
- Lancashire, UK

January 10, 2013

I read most of the WHO article. I am concerned about the articles view of cooking with distilled water. With a 60% reduction in mineral content of food after cooking in distilled water, where did the mineral go? I believe the mineral was released into the water by electro-chemical reactivity with the distilled water. Therefore, if I am right, cooking with distilled water is very beneficial if you drink the water along with consuming the vegetable. A stew made with DI water should be filled with the leached nutrients.

Robert Madeo
- La Mesa, California, USA

March 30, 2013

Hello my brothers and sisters
I have been reading all of your comments and would like to state that fluoride is very toxic to our bodies . New research has said that we do not need it and it does not make our teeth strong or keep us from cavities. Also many dentists are now saying that this is the case. if you look at a box of rat poison it has fluoride as the only killing ingredient.
If you look at the Food and drug web-site they still stand by infuriation of our water. THEY the powers that BE DO NOT WANT YOU & I TO WAKE UP AND KNOW OUR POWER & THE TRUTH that we are SPIRITUAL BEINGS DIVINE , POWERFUL & LOVING having a physical experience.
In our village where Princess Ann lives with her million-pound horses, they do not put fluoride in our area water because they don't want their horses drinking it as well. I wrote to my MP and water company about it, and that's what they said. We have no fluoride.
BUT THEY want you to BELIEVE because you have been programmed to believe that it is good for your teeth. It gives you black holes in teeth, makes them weak and does NOT protect them. It's chemical, poison, look it up properly my friends, it's for your own health. WAKE UP, it is widely known we are being poisoned, programmed and lied to. Please people use toothpaste without fluoride; it's hard to find but health food stores have lots of different kinds-- it's nice tasting.

Also I'd like to ask if it is ok to use DI water for a short fast to clean out our system, I think it is from my research for a pure water fast using juice you make yourself as well .

Melissa Hancock
- Stroud, Gloucestershire, England

May 26, 2013

Q. I've been Drinking DI water coming out of my home filter! Seems some people are confusing DI water for filtered water!
There is huge difference between DI water and filtered or RO water or distilled water! This thread is on the effects of DI water drinking!

I've been unknowingly drinking Di water not knowing it was controversial to do so. I've been drinking it for exactly 2 years now and have developed some electrolyte deficiency symptoms, i.e., muscle twitching and irritability among others.

I was at the doctor and she told me I had low electrolytes and told me to drink plenty of water, what I and she did not know is that I have been drinking Di water for over two years now.

So although I will stop drinking Di water I will switch to RO water!

A question would be; if I continue to make DI water and I add salt and a vitamin pellet, is the water now safe to consume?
Also I have been using DI water to boil chicken in a stainless steel pot, does that mean the DI water dissolved some of the chromium and steel into my chicken soup and I've been drinking chromium?
Any help is appreciated thanks?

RAY Alvarez
- Los Angeles California

Is inhaling DI water from electronic cigarettes dangerous?

April 11, 2014

Q. I read this entire thread and I saw that someone asked the question about inhalation of DI water and if it is safe. Does anyone have an answer to this? I know that DI water is used in some electronic cigarette liquids and I am curious if the cell destroying effects that I have heard mentioned would also happen in the lungs if inhaled?

Jason kimmel
- Rochester New York

April 22, 2014

A. Jason,
That's kind of a superfluous question, if you are inhaling steam it's pretty much going to be pure H20 regardless of the purity level of the water that it evaporated from.

ray kremer
Ray Kremer
Stellar Solutions, Inc.
supporting advertiser
McHenry, Illinois
stellar solutions banner

November 6, 2016

I've drank deionised water for a year now and I have totally detoxed my kidneys; they released the toxins causing severe kidney pains which I can truly say now was def worth it.
The benefits are amazing and the cleansing process is second to none as water is for cleaning & cooling this body.
45 years of constant damage of the ignorance of putting my health in the hands of others for my food & water has changed by educating myself with truth. We are spiritual beings having this physical experience.

John green
- Blyth, Northumberland, uk

May 16, 2017

I make DI water every day through our facilities 2 stage DI system and I also consume it every day. I make my coffee and tea with it as well as drinking it straight. I have been doing this for going on 10 years now with no ill effects or anything other than the fact that over the years I feel more refreshed and my whole body in general feels more energetic throughout my days. I have read many articles regarding purified water and its supposed effects, but of the hundreds of posts that I've read not one single post can give a factual basis or scientific method used to show any adverse effects from the consumption of DI water. It seems that people can only make educated guesses or theories, but no actual proof of anything that they are trying to convey.

steve shipman
rock island arsenal D.O.D. - rock island illinois usa

June 2017

thumbs up sign Hi Steve. You're right of course, but proving good or harm even under very careful conditions is extremely difficult and only statistical at best. People still can't prove whether coffee, wine or milk are "good" or "bad" for you when they've been used around the world for centuries.

And what is a "cancer cluster"? It's certainly not a place where you're going to get cancer, and which, if you avoid, you won't. It's a place where your chance of cancer, after trying to control for a hundred other things, will not be X/10000 but 1.Y*X/10000. Educated guesses and theories are unfortunately all we have or are likely to have in the foreseeable future :-)


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey
Striving to live "Aloha"

May 23, 2017

What if you washed your hair with deionized water? Any benefits or risks?

Abbie Wright
- Houston, Texas, usa

May 2017

A. Hi Abbie. This thread has grown over the years to four ridiculously long pages which we can't really expect anyone to read attentively and digest carefully, so a quick synopsis is in order to put it into perspective.

The super purity DI water used in semiconductor manufacturing might or might have good, bad, or no effects on the human body if you drink it, depending on which side's proponents you believe. Deleterious effects might also come, not from its super purity per se, but the fact that it is thus not chlorinated and will support growth of micro-organisms and is not considered potable water.

But the DI water which anyone not working in a semiconductor manufacturing company will encounter in their home system, or on a grocery store shelf, is nothing really special; it's basically the same as distilled water: a little cleaner and less salty than tap water. It won't hurt your hair but can't really help it much unless your water was awfully bad :-)


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey
Striving to live "Aloha"

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