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FAQs for ISO 9002

Download ISO 9000

I am working for a plating firm as Consultant for Quality Assurance.
The firm wants to achieve the ISO 9002 certification.
I would like to know the FAQ of ISO inspectors on technical questions.
This will help me very much.

Thanks for help

Francesca Assone
electroplating shop - Torino, Italy


Dear F. Assone, Until someone can answer your question, permit me to take up some space on this page with some thoughts I put down for a talk I gave to executive management of finishing shops here in the states.

ISO/QS9000 must come from the very top.

If you don't have commitment and understanding from top executives, everyone else will find a way to avoid doing the hard work. If top management talks quality, but tell people to ship bad parts, or makes excuses every time they should be making adjustments to the organization, you're wasting your time.

Why try?

ISO9000 Do's and Don'ts

To put the problem in a few, blunt words:
Your customer is competing in a global environment. The same goes for your own company, even if you don't believe this at the moment. Any one of your mistakes, inefficiencies, blunders, scrap rates, employees, or procedures can shut your customer down.

  Your customers are very sympathetic to your problems, but they will take their business to a vendor who understands their problem, survival.

Scrap rates are being measured in parts per million using Cpk (capability). Soon, many customers will want part per billion defects, going to zero.

Pullizzi's Uncertainty Principle on ISO Documentation

  1. You cannot determine either the value of a verbal (undocumented) procedure, or the implementation of said procedure unless you first document it.
  2. The person who tries to document a bad procedure shall never understand the negative ramifications of actually using said procedure, because the procedure will constantly change as inconsistencies in logic or implementation are discovered.
  3. You cannot attempt to document a bad procedure without having it continuously improve until it comes into compliance with the quality system you are trying to implement.
  4. Any attempt to document a verbal procedure will have the happy effects of a.) training the user in ISO9000 b.) improving the organization, and c.) creating a new, better procedure.
  5. The value of a procedure to an organization is proportional to the time it takes to find the first exception.

The first procedure to implement
Real Time Corrective action

How? There is lots of software being offered for implementing Corrective Action in the $100 to $400 range.

Examples of Real Time Corrective Action


Start your Corrective Action Software
Specify the Quality Team, Minimum Group:
Maintenance, Line Boss, Shipping, Quality (if you have a separate function) Executive Management, SALES REPS, SALESPERSONS, Billing,Purchasing

Put it all together

tom pullizzi monitor
Tom Pullizzi
Falls Township,


I would simply like to offer my thanks to Mr. Pullizzi for taking the time to provide us with all the info he did.

Thank you,

Don L. Shine

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