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Where Do "White Spots" Come From? by Robert Probert.
corrosionthumb Why Apply a Coating? -- Corrosion,
   by Mario S. Pennisi
Electroplating (commercial)
An Introduction to Barrel Plating, by Frank R. Zemo of Polaris Plating Co.
Chrome Control by Geoffrey P. Whitelaw.
Crib sheet for plating. A periodic table for plating, electrochemical equivalents, troubleshooting nuggets, other little used facts.
Formulae of surface areas and volumes of simple shapes. May we strongly recommend that you calculate the surface area of everything you finish. Think about it, this is SURFACE finishing.
Improving your Chloride Zinc Plating Operation, by Stephen Schneider.
Troubleshooting Modern Bright Nickel Plating Solutions, by Thomas J. Pullizzi.
Electroplating (electroforming)
A Practical Guide to Understanding, Measuring and Controlling Stress in Electroformed Metals, by Berl Stein, CEF
Electroplating (electronics)
Paul Stransky has contributed an interesting paper on Flux Basics, some useful references on Nickel Diffusion Barriers and Solder Leveling, and a rather exhaustive review of the literature about Copper Plating of High-Aspect-Ratio Plated-Through-Holes.
Troubles with your PC boards? Rudy Sedlak tells us a little about Ammoniacal Etching of Copper, . . . Resist Lifting in Gold Plating, . . . Stripping Resists, . . . and the hell involved in Stripping Tin and Solder from small holes on thick boards.
Environment & Safety
Rudy Sedlak tells us what Chelates are and why we use them; and gives us his take on the new technologies of Liquid Cleaners and Dry Acid Salts.
Then another look at Liquid Cleaners by Mike McDonald, CEF, Liquid Cleaners v.s. Dry...The choice is EASY...
The well-known chart of pH vs. residual concentration of metals in wastewater.
Painting & Powder Coating
Spraybooth Problems: Air, Filters, Exhaust by Ken Green
Maintaining Brightness in Spray Booths by Ron Joseph>
Keeping an HVLP Spray Gun in Compliance with Regulations by Ron Joseph
Transfer Efficiency by Ron Joseph
The Pretreatment Trouble Shooter -- reprints of Dave Wright's column in CCAI's Finishing Touch Newsletter, covering such topics as phosphating and salt spray testing.
Powder Coating -- an introduction by Mario S. Pennisi.
picklingchart Chart of pickling time and baumé as a function of acid concentration and iron content
   by Barlow Campano, Hidada Co. Ltd., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"The Kleingarn Regenerated Spent Acid at Increasing Ferrous (Fe+2) and Ferric (Fe+3) Chloride Content"
   by Barlow Campano, Hidada Co. Ltd., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Plant & Process Engineering/Construction

Plating Shops for the Nineties and Beyond, a design guide by Ted Mooney.
20 Ways to Cut Water Usage in Plating Shops, some tips from Ted Mooney.
Hard Chrome Plating - Materials to consider, by Freeman Newton.
Please Don't Leak on the Job - A guide to cementing PVC Pipe, by Freeman Newton.
Replacement Technologies
A possible alternative to Nickel or Chrome plating, the Kolene salt bath quench/polish/quench process.
Closing the Quality Gap on Textured Molds: High Quality Surface Finishes Make the Difference, and Equation for Efficiency: FF + f/P Nearly Eliminates the Need for Polishing --two articles by Midwest Mold and Texture Corporation.
End of Life (Vehicles) European Directive (English language) posted 11/29/00.
Titanium - Why Coat It? by Milt Stevenson, Jr., Anoplate
Articles in Swedish (by Anders Sundman)
Plating on Aluminum [in Swedish]
Chrome Plating [in Swedish]
Nickel Plating [in Swedish]
Metallic Materials [in Swedish]
Pretreatment & Activation [in Swedish]

Illustrated trouble- shooting guide in rhyme from 1955.

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If you're looking for an article you remember seeing here, but which had to give up it's front page position to make way for newer items, here it is:
Interview with a Vampire--a conversation (out of whole cloth) between an ISO9000 auditor and a client.
An open letter from University of Baltimore's Merrick School of Business regarding new technology of divalent chromates.
CFR438, the proposed Metal Products and Machinery Effluent Guidelines, are serious business for all finishers. Read an Open Letter from the Aluminum Anodizers Council and James N. McClatchey's statement to the EPA from the public hearing of June 28, 1996. (McClatchey is V.P. and Production Manager of Southern Aluminum Finishing Co.)

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