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Contact: William Sepp, Program Director for the Kushner Electroplating School 
Phone: (714) 630-0965, Fax: (714) 632-1056
E-mail: Platingman@platingdoc.com

Kushner Electroplating School offers training seminars at various locations throughout the United States and Canada as well as customized on-site training for industry specific applications. Through our website, we also offer certified online training courses and a full range of plating shop resources.

Kushner Plating School presents popular two-day Electroplating Seminar in Spanish --

The Kushner Electroplating School is pleased to announce its renowned "Electroplating Know- How Basics" seminar is now available to students in Spanish. After sixty five years of successful presentations throughout the US in English and numerous requests from our Spanish speaking attendees, we are pleased to present our complete two-day seminar in Spanish.

Kushner's two-day seminar represents but a portion of the famous Kushner Electroplating School training materials. This popular and practical training program is designed to provide a better understanding of the basic principles and practices of electroplating.

Printed versions of all presentation materials and the seminar study guide are provided in Spanish to all attendees.

Kushner's first Spanish language Seminar took place June 4th and 5th 2013 in Buena Park, CA (the greater Los Angeles area).

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