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Gunatit Builders [Gujarat]

We are an India based consulting company with more than 45 years experience in setting up hot dip galvanizing plants on a turnkey basis. Also, we are a manufacturer of entire galvanizing plant from process tanks to galvanizing furnaces and all equipment for galvanizing industry.

The Netherlands

WTN Air & Water Treatment BV [Utrecht]

Active in several fields: process water treatment, waste water treatment, air pollution control system and metal surface treatment like hot dip galvanizing, galvanic processes and powder coating. The technologies used depends on the situation and are tailor made. But frequently used technology is ion exchange, filtration and precipitation. Air pollution control systems are cyclone and dust filter and gas scrubber.


Kushner Electroplating School [Anaheim, CA]

Kushner Electroplating School offers training seminars at various locations throughout the United States and Canada as well as customized on-site training for industry specific applications. Through our website, we also offer certified online training courses and a full range of plating shop resources.

Accu-Labs, Inc. [Chicago, IL]

Accu-Labs, Inc., manufacturer of proprietary chemistry for the metal finishing industry, included the former Patclin, Rin, Accurate and Alcor product lines. Accu-Labs offers a complete product line of anodizing specialties, chromates, brighteners, cleaners, acid activators and strippers for both plated and painted products.

Metal Coating Process Corporation [Monroe, NC]

Principles of Electropolishing seminar monthly.
Complete consulting service for electropolishing all metals including stainless steels, other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, cobalt-chromium, titanium and nitinol. Recommendation for chemicals, equipment, process design, ventilation and wastewater treatment. System audits and upgrades.

Robert H. Probert Technical Service [Garner, NC]

With over 30 years experience in the finishing industry, we provide customized technical service, trouble shooting, planning, setting up, starting up, hands on training and seminars at competitive rates in the following areas: Type I, II and III anodizing, chromating, plating and sulfamate nickel plating. Aluminum Finishing handbook for sale.

CHEMIONIC Labs & Consulting [New Brunswick, NJ]

R&D Consulting, contract research and Laboratory support. Over 25 years of academic and industrial electrochemical/chemical enginering experience. Failure evaluation of plated and anodized products, Cyclic voltammetry analysis, Third party investigation and expert witness. We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

Don Baudrand, Consultant [Poulsbo, WA]

Extensive experience in Electroless Plating, Electroplating, Preparation for Plating, Plastics, Microelectronics, Printed Circuits, MEMs and Direct through hole plating of multi layer PCs. Research & development and management experience. 70+ papers, numerous patents, and contributions to several books.

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