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Extensive experience in:

  • Electroless Plating
  • Electroplating
  • Preparation for Plating
  • Plastics
  • Microelectronics
  • Printed Circuits
  • Research and development
  • Management experience
  • MEMs
  • Direct through hole plating of multi layer PCs

70+ papers and numerous patents. Contributions to many of the industry's principal references, including:

Founder and President of Electrochemical Laboratories. 13 years servicing the plating industry. Proven accomplishments in process chemical research and development, including 23 years as Vice President of R&D of Allied-Kelite, a supplier to the plating industry. Extensive marketing and business management experience.

Consulting Chemist

ELECTROLESS PLATING. Extensive experience in research and development of electroless nickel-plating products and processes. Electroless nickel plating on thin-film memory discs, all aspects of preparation and plating, metallized ceramics, printed circuits, hardware, automotive, electroless forming and electronics. Experience in electroless copper, gold and palladium. Formulating electroless nickel phosphorus and alloys, nickel- boron and alloys of various metals and particulate materials. Familiar with equipment, process design, formulation, maintenance and troubleshooting electroless, electroplating, conversion coatings and anodizing processes.

ELECTRODEPOSITION; ELECTROPLATING; ELECTROLESS PLATING. Knowledgeable of a whole range of electroplating materials and processes, author of many articles and book chapters. Worked with plating of gold, silver, nickel (including sulfamate nickel, nickel sulfate (Watts) Woods and Sulfamate nickel strikes, bright, leveling nickel and special nickel processes. Familiar with Copper plating from cyanide, acid and pyrophosphate solutions, along with sulfonic, sulfuric and fluoboric acid processes for copper, tin lead, and alloys of various metals. Experience in cadmium, zinc, brass and bronze plating. Can answer questions on cleaning, activating and surface preparation and conditioning processes.

PLASTICS PLATING. Knowledgeable in the preparatory steps, including cleaning, etching, conditioning and sensitizing and catalysts, for electroless plating of nickel and copper on plastic substrates and electroplating of plastics. Co-authored a book on plating of ABS plastic.

PRINTED-WIRING (Circuit) BOARD PROCESSES. Experience includes preparation for and plating of printed-wiring boards, including through hole and surface mount boards as well as flex, multi layer and molded circuits. Designed processes and equipment for the manufacture of printed circuit boards of all types. Analyzed process and plating chemicals for maintenance of the solutions. Did research and supervised research and development of process chemicals and plating solutions for printed circuits, including multi-layered bonding chemicals. As a consultant, advised printed circuit manufacturers as to type of preparation chemicals, plating chemicals, equipment and process sequence design. Wrote chapter 9 of Electronic Materials and Processes Handbook Published by McGraw Hill.

DIRECT ELECTROPLATING. Experienced in the use of process cycles and chemistry for direct plating of through-hole printed circuits, including both theory and practice of direct electroplating.

MCM-C and MCM-L (MULTICHP MODULES). Experience in processes for plating MCMs, including patents in this field.

CLEANING OF MATERIALS FOR PLATING. Experience Including formulation, cleaning of leaded alloys, steel alloys, copper alloys, acid, alkaline and solvent processes.

ELECTROGALVANIZING AND OTHER CONTINUOUS STRIP STEEL PLATING. Involvement in continuous plating as practiced in steel mils for zinc, nickel, copper brass and bronze.

EDUCATION: B.S. Chemistry, Whittier College 1950. Graduate studies in chemical engineering nuclear physics and business management, UC Berkeley.

Don was founder and President of Electrochemical Laboratories, Los Angeles CA;
Vice President of Research and Development for Allied Kelite, Div., Witco Corp.
Vice President and Business manager for Allied Kelite.

Don has numerous patents in electroless plating and microelectronics, and has authored over 70 papers. He has contributed to the ASM Metals Handbook, the McGraw-Hill Electronic Materials and Processes Handbook, chapter 9, and "Electroless Plating Fundamentals & Applications", chapter 9. Don has co-authored Plating of ABS Plastics, Robert Draper Ltd, AES 1960 Plating Handbook, and others.

Retired, August 1994, after 46 years of plating experience. (Member of AESF for 44 years) Presently Consultant in electro and electroless plating processes. Don has extensive experience in research and development of electroless nickel-plating products and processes. Included are products for memory discs, metallized ceramics, microelectronics, printed circuits, hardware, automotive, aerospace, engineering and other applications Don has knowledge in the whole range of electroplating materials and processes. He has worked with gold, silver, nickel, including sulfamate nickel, nickel sulfate, woods and sulfamate nickel strikes, bright, leveling nickel plating and other special nickel processes. Copper plating from cyanide, acid pyrophosphate, sulfonic acid, fluoborate and others, tin and tin-lead, tin bismuth, and other tin alloys, cadmium, zinc, brass and bronze are included in his experience. Experience in corrosion protection, chromate conversion coatings, Anodizing of Aluminum alloys, preparation of aluminum for painting and adhesive bonding are included. Plating onto "difficult to plate" materials has been a specialty, along with electroless nickel. Preparation cycles, direct plating, electrogalvanizing and continuous strip plating are also included in his experience. Don has experience in expert witness testimony, deposition and reports.



Managed two successful corporations as president and CEO for one, and CFO for the other. Managed Research and Development programs with total responsibility for innovation, screening, field testing, and market introduction or more than 100 products. Managed sales and marketing programs. Developed computer memory disc, hybrid microelectronics for plated components and other markets. Bottom line responsibility.

Strategic planning

Developed strategy and programs that produced successful new products. Introduced, supported and carried out strategic planning programs for the corporation. Developed a format of matrix milestone and graphs to evaluate the research programs at all stages. Developed methods to evaluate the economic benefit of research programs. Identified and initiated entrepreneurial business ventures in specialty chemicals.

Product Development

Successfully introduced more than 100 new or modified products. Brought into the organization, from Electrochemical Laboratories, new products such as electroless nickel-plating technology patents, etc., which enabled the company to establish world leadership in terms of technology and sales dollars. Introduced electronics technology to the company via specialty chemical processes sold under the trade name "NIKLAD"*. Helped develop technical leadership and market in numerous other specialties such as "IRIDITE"* chromate conversion protective coatings, "ISOBR1TE"* plating processes and "BARRETT"* sulfamate nickel-plating processes.


Succeeded in introducing to the marketplace an advanced method of producing "thin film memory discs" for "hard drives" for the computer industry. Major producers use the process in production. Products for making hybrid microelectronic circuits and packages, including multilayer ceramic circuits (patented) was successfully introduced. Led a successful marketing program for the company. Conducted technical and sales training for 17 sales districts in the U. S., and provided technology transfer and sales marketing programs for over seas licensees.

* Trademarks of MacDermid, Inc. Waterbury CT


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