Accu-Labs, Inc.
4831 S. Whipple Ave.
Chicago, IL 60632

Contact: Steve Cornwell
Phone: 773-523-3100
Fax: 773-523-4008
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Products & Services:

Accu-Labs specialty chemical products for the metal finishing industry are complimented by our expertise, engineering design, consulting of electroplating and waste treatment systems. Our full service laboratory, staffed with experienced trained professional, offers solution analysis and consulting, hull-cell testing, waste water analysis and compliance reporting. We can answer your plating and waste treatment questions.

Our experienced professionals can answer your troubleshooting plating questions and troubleshooting waste treatment questions.

We offer over 1000 specialty products in the following areas:

For information on any Rin, Patclin or Alcor products, please contact us.

Please let us help you with all your plating needs!

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