Used & Surplus Metal Finishing Chemicals & Equipment

plus Jobshops For Sale, and Misc. One-Time Sales


AP D.C. Power Supply [Van Nuys, CA]

  • We specialize in plating & anodizing power supplies (rectifiers). Sales, service, repair of rectifiers & transformers. Parts available. LARGE SELECTION OF REBUILT & RECONDITIONED RECTIFIERS IN STOCK. Visit our home page for a list!

H&H Equipment [Troy, TN]

  • Used and reconditioned equipment for plating, anodizing, and waste treatment, also major brands of new equipment and systems.

Lanco Corporation [Sparta, MI]

  • Lanco Corporation has the world's largest inventory of used metal finishing and waste treatment equipment at reasonable prices. We buy, sell, trade and appraise.


This list does not include the full inventory of all of the listed dealers.

- A -

Air Compressors
Air Blowers
see Air Handling Equipment
Air Handling Equipment
see also Dust Collectors
Air Make-up Units
see Air Handling Equipment
Anodes, Cathodes, Busing
Anodizing Equipment

- B -

see Plating Barrels
Batch Curing Ovens
Bead Blasters
see Blasting Equipment
see Heating & Cooling Equipment
Blasting Equipment
see Air Handling Equipment
Buffing & Polishing Equipment
Burn-off Ovens
Businesses for Sale

- C -

see Anodes, Cathodes, Busing
Centrifugal Dryers
see Surplus Chemicals, UBAC Solution and Anodes
see Heating & Cooling Equipment
Chromic Acid
see Surplus Chemicals
see Waste Treatment Equipment
Conduit Coating System
see Powder Coating Equipment
Cooling Coils, Cooling Towers
see Heating & Cooling Equipment
Cranes & Hoists
see also Plating Equipment

- D -

DI Units
see Waste & Water Treatment
Drum Dumpers
Dust Collectors

- E -

E-Coating Equipment
Environmental Rooms
see Waste & Water Treatment
Exhaust Ducts & Fans
see Air Handling Equipment

- F -

Filters and Filter Presses
also see Waste & Water Treatment
Fume Scrubbers
see Air Handling Equipment

- G -

Galvanizing Equipment

- H -

Heating & Cooling Equipment
see Cranes & Hoists

- I / J -

Jobshops For Sale

- K / L -

Lab & Test Equipment

- M -


see Waste & Water Treatment
see Conveyors

-N / O -

see Batch Curing Ovens,
and Burn-off Ovens,
and Walk-in Ovens

- P -

Paint Line Equipment
Parts Washers
PipeCoating System
see Powder Coating Equipment
Plasma Etchers
see Vacuum Metalizing Systems
Plating Barrels
Plating Equipment
Plating Shops for Sale
see Jobshops for Sale
Polishing Equipment & Supplies
see Buffing & Polishing
Powder Coating Equipment
Power Supplies
see Rectifiers
Power Washers
see Parts Washers
Programmed Hoist Systems
see Plating Equipment
PVD Coating Equipment
see Vacuum Metalizing Systems

- Q / R -


- S -

Salt Spray Chambers
see Lab & Test Equipment
Sand Blasters
see Blasting Equipment
Scrap Metals
Shops For Sale
Sludge Dryers
see Waste & Water Treatment
Spin Dryers
see Centrifugal Dryers
Surplus Chemicals

- T -

Temperature Controls
see Heating & Cooling Equipment
see Vibratory Finishing Systems

- U / V -

Vacuum Metalizing Systems
Vibratory Finishing Systems, Tumblers

- W -

Walk-in Ovens
see Parts Washers
Waste & Water Treatment

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