TIGER Drylac Powder Coatings
3855 Swenson Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174

Contact: Mrs. Montaha Hidefi
Phone: 800-243-8148
Fax: 877-926-8148

Products & Services:

TIGER Drylac® Powder Coatings provides powder coatings for a variety of applications such as automotive, architecture, indoor, office and patio furniture, domestic, commercial and architectural lighting fixtures, store fixtures, shopping carts, gaming machines, appliances, communication and electronic devices, leisure and sport equipment, agriculture and construction machinery, military equipment and parts.

RAL Color Chart for interior and exterior applications. Featuring 188 smooth glossy Polyester TGIC-containing colors available as standard products in either Series 49 for exterior and interior applications or Series 38 AAMA 2604-compliant Super Durables for exterior architectural applications.

Textured and Smooth Color Chart based on RAL for interior applications. Featuring Fine and Rough Textures surface finishes as well as Smooth surfaces in a variety of gloss levels; Matte, Flat Matte, Semigloss, and High Glossy. Includes also FDA-compliant, pure Epoxy and Conductive powder coatings.

Stellix Volume 2 Color Chart for interior and exterior applications. Featuring a broad range of 2nd generation bonded metallic finishes manufactured using in-house advance proprietary technology that imparts advanced quality and a high degree of color consistency during the application process. The range showcases one and two-coat Silvers, Gold, Bronzes, Coppers and other metallics, glitters, antique/veins and iron glimmers.

Special Effects Volume 6 Color Chart for interior and exterior applications. Featuring unique striking and trendy special colors and effects, including anodizing AAMA 2604-compliant, pearlescents, fluorescents, reflectives, hammertones, dormants, transparents and candies.

In addition to the above colors and finishes, TIGER Drylac Powder Coatings provides a large product portfolio of stock and custom-products to meet designers, architects and coaters requirements. These include:

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