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The Surface Treatment and Finishing of Aluminum and its Alloys

Illustrated are the 4th Edition, 5th Edition, and vol. 1 of the 6th edition.
A Review by Ted Mooney:

The most exhaustive treatment of anodizing and other aluminum surface treatments that most of us know of. The "bible" of anodizing. The 661 pages of Vol. 1 cover the properties of aluminum & its oxide films and its corrosion & protection; mechanical prep, cleaning, bright dipping and electropolishing, etching, conversion coatings, and anodizing for decorative, protective, and architectural uses. Includes more than 300 references.

The 612 pages of Vol. 2 address hard anodizing, dyeing, sealing, and the properties and testing of anodized aluminum, as well as four chapters on plating on aluminum, and extensive coverage of organic finishing and vitreous enameling. (
5th edition reviewed



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Sheasby & Pinner

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Wernick, Pinner, & Sheasby

Finishing Publications / ASM




Wernick & Pinner

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