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Does salt corrode aluminum?


Will salt adversely affect an Aluminum casting? We manufacture sifters that use a cast Aluminum housing. The product contains 30% salt. Will this corrode the Aluminum?


Joe Skafar
- Cicero, Illinois, USA

First of three simultaneous responses -- +

You betcha!

Victor Waldman
- Naugatuck, Connecticut

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Martin Trigg-Hogarth
surface treatment shop - Stroud, Glos, England

Third of three simultaneous responses -- +

We know that aluminum is NOT resistant to seawater; pitting occurs. I do not know if dry salt will react with the aluminum over time...but air moisture would be a factor there.

Mary Ross
- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


White corrosion will break out like a rash. An Inexpensive way to protect this would be to use masking compound used in electroplating to be applied all over your sieve.

khozema Khozema Vahanwala
Saify Ind
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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