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What is zamak alloy?


Good Day,

I'm a undergraduate of the university technology of Malaysia. I just would like to know more detail about the zamak alloy such as : the definition of the zamak alloy, the use of the zamak alloy, the chemical composition of the zamak alloy, the properties of the zamak alloy.

Hope you can help me..thank you.

Best regard,

Shiu Min Cherk
- Malaysia


Well, Shiu, "zamak" is a set of zinc alloys used in die casting applications. Check out for some general information. Otherwise look in your library for a good book on zinc casting alloys.

Good Luck!

Lee Gearhart
East Aurora, New York


Zamak is an alloy based on Zinc and Aluminium mainly. The addition of Copper and Magnesium will give to this alloys diverse properties allowing it to be used to cast parts in industries such as Automobile, Building, Electrical, Electronics, Telephony, Toys, Cloth & Sports, Decoration... Used in continuous casting process, this alloys has great commercial advantages as it is cheaper than Al and Mg, easy to cast (behave like virtual water) and has many similar properties to the both other non ferrous alloys.

Armelle Vivien
- Liege, Belgium, Europe

February 4, 2009

ZAMAK is an acronym for Zinc Aluminum Magnesium and "Kopper". There are many advantages of this high pressure die casting alloy. A good technical reference for the die casting industry is

Ryan Winter
- Maybrook, New York

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