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most fun in metal finishing

Rusted polished Motorcycle frame


I have stripped and polished the frame on my 96 FZR 600. I did I pretty good job. I did the entire process by hand. I started with airplane stripper to remove the paint, the I proceeded on from 100 - 1500 grit wet sandpaper. Next I used a buffer at about 700 RPM and a jeweler's rougeamazoninfo. Finally I fine tuned with Mothers metal polish. My frame was glistening for about 2 weeks. I traveled from Virginia to South Carolina to partake in Bike week. It rained. My frame rusted. Nobody else's did with the exception of one other guy.

Why, and what do I have to do to fix it?

Reginald Watkins
- Stafford, Virginia


Steel rusts when exposed to oxygen, especially with water present. All your polishing and buffing and jewelers' rouge don't change chemistry... The others were probably stainless steel or plated with another metal

Adam Weston
- Northridge, CA, United States

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