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most fun in metal finishing

I want to convert RGB color code to Ral color code


Does anybody know the key how to convert RGB code to Ral or European color standard code (E14-31

Michael Havlik
- Prague


Hi Michael,

Did you discover how to convert RGB code to Ral code? Please, if you don't mind, could you tell it to me?

Thanks for all.

Ramon Comerma
- Sta. Perpetua, Spain


There is probably an easier way, but in the past (converting RGB images to embroidery thread colours) I scanned a colour chart, then used the colour blocks to set up a custom pallette in Photoshop, then told photoshop to convert the image to the custom pallette. Alternatively, scan the RAL colours and determine manually which has RGB values closest to yours.

andy pugh
- UK

Ed. note: We have provided a FAQ on the topic.

August 27, 2008

Does the RAL color code indicate only color or does it indicate color and degree of gloss (ie; gloss, semi gloss, flat etc....)

Michael Dill
sub supplier of painted parts - Westminster, Maryland, USA

October 12, 2009

Please chk this link and download tht package.


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