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Ormolu / Gilt Metal Cleaning


I would also like to ask what is the best way of cleaning ormolu mounts. I have an Empire cut class lidded bowl with ormolu mounts, and it has been painted a long while ago. I have in the past noticed that ormolu can have a strange greyish - blue oxidation. I wonder what this is? It is fairly rough, and can be picked off, a bit like the tartar on teeth. It can be removed from flat surfaces very easily, but the problem arises when it needs removing from delicately chased figures and decorative bands. Can anyone help? Is there some kind of solvent that will remove it? It has properties similar to limescale, but vinegar doesn't do much to remove it.

Thank you.

Thomas Mezei
- Hungary


I have used diluted lime juice quite successfully to clean ormolu which has gone quite black with age - but would like to know if this can do any harm, or what other methods for cleaning ormolu especially mounts which are complex shapes and not with lat surface.

H. Walford
- Bangkok, Thailand

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