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Sharpening stump grinder teeth


Q. Hi

I am a Stump grinder using small Tungsten Carbide tips and looking at using this type of technique or purchasing a small machine that I can use to sharpen my own teeth


John Cairns
- Brisbane, Australia


A. Hello John ,

I've been removing Trees and stumps for over 20 years. I have yet to find a better way to sharpen carbide teeth than how I've been doing it. The simple way is to use a grinder with two different wheels on it, at two slightly different angles on the front resting plate. Use the first wheel made of carborundum to grind the shank of the tooth away from the bit at a 120 degree angle until the area being ground comes in contact with the carbide, then stop. Don't overheat it, keep dipping it into water. Then use an Industrial Green (diamond impregnated) wheel at a 95 degree angle to the bit so the shank stays clear of the stump and all that will touch the wood will be the bit. You may have to repeat this several times to accomplish a good sharp tool. Try not to let the green wheel come in contact with the shank of the tooth. The soft metal eats it up. And as they can cost a considerable amount of money, it pays to be as careful as you can. However, I find that by doing it the way I have just explained, if I replace the teeth before they get too worn, I can sharpen them as many as 3 times before they're no good any more. This method has saved me a small fortune over the years and still is.

Although this can take some time to sharpen a full set of teeth, I try to keep enough ready to change at least the pairs that protrude from the cutting wheel the furthest at least twice a day. Then I use bad weather days as a time to sharpen more. Remember to wear safety glasses and even more important a GOOD filter for breathing as the dust from this operation is lethal........

Good luck, hope I was of help,

Terry Kuntz
stump removal - Shallotte, North Carolina


A. I have been grinding stumps since 1976 have looked around for YEARS for a handheld tooth dressing device - I use a bench grinder with a greenwheel and a normal metal wheel -- rest it on my knees and sit on a stool behind the machine and dress the teeth in place- obviously not the safest way to do it but I have never been injured and it saves about an hour vs removing all the teeth. The grinding wheel for the carbide is often called a greenwheel. If someone knows of a handheld sharpening device that will dress the carbide ends of the teeth please let me know.

Michael Simmons
stump grinding - Woodinville, Washington

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A. [Company name deleted by editor -- apologies] makes a machine just for sharpening stump Grinder teeth. It has a special form diamond wheel for grinding the bit and the carbide to the original shape. It is a little expensive but it will sharpen thousands of teeth with only occasional washing to clean the sap, etc., that builds up in the wheel. You do have to take the teeth out of the stump grinder to sharpen them.

Ken Frea
- Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Ed. note: Predictably, as soon as commercial interests are involved, trouble starts. Another reader publicly trashed this product and company. We cannot print that public trashing, which then makes it unfair and unbalanced to retain a recommendation either, so we had to remove the company name. Sorry.





Q. I just bought a used stump grinder (made in Lowell, Indiana by someone named Fox) and I need some new carbide tipped teeth (or at least some carbide nibs, and I'll have them brazed on). Anyone know this outfit or can give me a lead.


Mark Burns
farm - Vashon, Washington

Q. [Company name deleted by editor -- apologies] sells a die grinder wheel to sharpen teeth.

Does any one know someone near the Lansing MI area that can retip carbide teeth? I'm using super teeth =>



Raymond Raska
Stump Grinding - Ovid, Michigan

Ed. note: Apologies, readers, but because we had to remove the recommendation for the other brand of one die grinder, it's not fair to publicly recommend only their competitor. Please try your best to offer techniques and methods but not commercial suggestions. It's just what happens when money is involved. Thanks.

Superteeth Stump Cutter Teeth

April 30, 2009

A. To Raymond in Michigan looking for someone to retip your super teeth. I've used Discount Stump Cutters out of Lincoln, MI for the past 10 years.

Rex Danely
stump eaters - Logansport, Indiana

A. If you can't find teeth consider converting to Green Teeth =>

Carl Brewer
- Naples, Florida

Greenteeth stump
grinder teeth

A. We sharpen all kinds of stump grinding teeth, For the last 10 yrs. THANKS! RAY

Ray Johnson
tool grinding service - Sylvester, Georgia

A. Hi
I am doing stump grinding in Norway. I have rocky soils and clay. When I only used a 25 hp machine I used to sharpen the teeth. Now I have a big machine with super teeth and I find I have to grind the teeth dull before putting them on, If not the carbide tip will be thrown off immediately. Bought my first Rayco RG 50 five years ago.

Lars Honningsvaag
stump grinding - Oslo, Norway

A. I repair and replace my own carbide teeth.
Praxis Illinois Inc. in DeKalb, IL sells stump grinder carbide teeth and silver solder.

Bob Hooser
- St.Charles, Illinois

March 2, 2008

A. I have been using Greenteeth since they came out on the market and they are great and I resharpen them myself. They prove to be very cost effective and long lasting.

Larry Jolliff
- Yukon, Oklahoma

June 26, 2008

A. To sharpen teeth I don't take them off my wheel. I use a hand drill with an arbor that holds a green wheel (about 6-8 inches dia.) I can sharpen right on the wheel. Like any cutting edge, I sharpen at an angle, taking the round out, and making sure that the cutting edge protrudes. It works fine, and I can go around my small stump grinder in about an hour, longer on the big stump grinder. I save all the time of removing the teeth, since we all have had the fight of removal/breakage/stripping of the bolts. The wheels have cost me, in the past, about 30 bucks each. they DO get used up on the soft metal part, but I can get a lot of sharpening out of them before the wheel is used up.

Chip Lowell
tree service - Walla Walla, Washington

July 9, 2008

Q. Stump grinder frustration! I have a Shaver Model sc-25 3-point stumpbuster. Recently I ordered new teeth from the company and they sent me 2 1/4 inch teeth but the original teeth are 2 7/8 inch teeth. The company told me they don't make that size teeth anymore. I would like to find a place that makes the 2 7/8 inch teeth. Can anyone help me?

Jerry Benbrook
stump grinding - Blue Mound, Kansas

October 27, 2008

A. You can find a company selling three different lengths for the shaver including 2 7/8" on ebay =>

Steve Isabelle
- Murphy, North Carolina

December 11, 2008

A. If you're having problems re-sharpening stump grinding teeth take a look at this website:

Simon Jackson
- Sheffield, S Yorkshire, England

January 26, 2009

A. I found a place that sells the carbide tips, solder and the flux, it is on the web it's

Vincent Harding
- Denver, Colorado

April 17, 2009

A. for stump cutters

P. Morette
- Hudson Massachusetts

June 3, 2009

A. Syntech Abrasives in Charlotte NC that makes diamond grinding wheels for sharpening the stump grinding teeth.

- CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, USA

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We've spent a huge amount of time revising and deleting long-winded advertising copy from this page, knocks of other brands, etc. Thanks for your understanding.

August 20, 2013

Q. I just purchased a stump grinder (Praxis) and plan on sharpening the blades myself. There are numerous grits to the 2 needed wheels (aluminum oxide, and green silicone carbide) and need to know what grit to purchase in each. Thank you.

Macey Glinka
- Pasadena, Maryland

July 25, 2014

I sharpen all types of stump grinder teeth fast. I use a surface grinder; it's very fast --

david moody
- deatsville Alabama

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