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Pickling of Carbon Steel Pipe Lines


I would wish to have the detailed procedure for Pickling and Passivation of Carbon steel Pipe lines. The pipe that are pickled and passivated will be used in in a oil circulating unit

Sampathkumar Iyengar
Iyengar Engineers - Bangalore, Karnataka, India


We are looking forward to pickle a glycol tower with 7 trays. Please can I have the procedures for pickling and passivation.

Abiodun Akinola
- Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

July 15, 2009

I'm an operations engr. at a fertilizer company in Pakistan and these days I am involved in the pickling and passivation of carbon steel pipelines (will be used for steam service)...till now we have performed degreasing of the pipelines™«„I would like to share the procedure which is as follows
1.Air blowing for removing foreign particles
2.Flushing with potable water + leak test
3.Degreasing with Sodium Metasilicate + Tri Sodium Phosphate + Soap
4.Rinsing with demin. water
5.Pickling with 3% Citric Acid + ABF + Rodine 31A
7.Passivation with Citric acid + Sodium Nitrite + Sodium Carbonate
8.Final rinsing with slightly alkaline demin. water

Hope you find it helpful
Good Luck Mate!

Salman S. Ramay
- Sadiqabad, Pakistan

Handbook of Corrosion Engineering

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