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Hazards of Copper Sulphate Solution



I need to know what the hazards of copper sulfateamazoninfo solution are. I am conducting an electrolysis experiment and have to write up how I controlled the experiment and kept it safe, although I have been able to find the hazards of Copper fumes and other Copper compounds Copper Sulphate solution does not seem to be dangerous. If you can enlighten me as to whether it is dangerous and if so in what way I would be most grateful.

Much obliged,

Cassie Solon
- London, England


Copper Sulphate - A salt soluble in water and methanol. Blue crystals. (CuSO4 SH2O) White colour when hydrated. May irritate skin, eyes, nose and throat (can especially affect mucous membranes). May affect liver if inhaled or swallowed.

Monica Maksymiak
- London, UK


Copper Sulphate is a white solid formed by the reaction of sulphuric acid and copper oxide. due to this it is soluble in water but not in methanol. It can be usually distinguished by it bright blue colour. If consumed in excessive amounts copper sulphate can be damaging due to it acting as an inhibitor in our bodies (kinda like drinking a bottle of car anti-freeze). Thus the former means that you will damage you liver, kidneys and hormonal balance. Copper sulphate is still necessary in our regular diets but in trace amounts as it helps maintain vital functions. In the case of excessive consumption or exposure it can cause symptoms such as vomiting, convulsions, bloody urine and rashes. In such as case you must seek medical advice immediately do not consume anything else so as to increase the effect of copper sulphate.

Alaric Fernandes
Retail Agent - United Kingdom

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