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Conversion from Baume to S.G.



Would someone tell me the formula for conversion from degree baume to specific gravity?

Thanks and Best Regards,

K F Quan
- China


SG= 145/ (145-Be)

Sara Michaeli
    chemical process supplier


I have a similar formula, but as follows: = 146/ (146 - Be) Note that this is only accurate at 20 deg. C. The result from my formula will be slightly more accurate according to the published data from our sulfuric acid supplier, for these two related values. (Splitting hairs here.) Some hydrometers are graduated in either scale.

W. Carl Erickson
- Rome, New York


According to the "CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics" [link is to info about book at Amazon] of Chemistry and Physics, 145 is the correct number to use in the formulas already mentioned.

Jon Barrows, MSF, EHSSC
Springfield, Missouri

July 8, 2008

Sir please explain the detail of the formula you have mentioned. What is 145 and how it is come.
Regards. Please also tell me detail theory of degree twadel and baume.
If you can provide a table of baume conversion I would be thankful to you

Raza Rahman
employee - Karachi, Pakistan

July 29, 2008

Hi there,

Here is the full conversion calculation,

SG = 141.5/(131.5+API)- for oils
SG = 140/(130+deg Baume) - for liqd lighter than water
SG =145/(145-deg Baume) - for liqd heavier than water

best wishes,

Ahmed Al-Terkait
- Kuwait - Arabian Gulf

February 28, 2012

I totally agree with Mr. Ahmed Al-Terkait.

But an educated Engineer should know there is no A R A B I A N Gulf in the world! it is always PERSIAN GULF and your money can't change the historical name which is far older than arabian countries like yours opinion!

Amir Ghods
- Tehran- Iran (North of Persian Gulf)

October 28, 2008

What is 145 exactly, where did they base it?

Lawrence Rivers
- San Carlos, Phil

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